Most Expensive NFTs This Week: 06 – 12 November


Another busy week in the NFT world comes to a close. The top collections in the market saw a jump in trading volume, traders, and sales. In fact, Art Blocks recorded a 250.52% rise in trading volume. While Axie Infinity, CryptoPunks, and BAYC led the game, Sandbox and CrypToadz failed to impress.

  • Official Star Wars NFTs drop on VeVe’s Disney Golden Moments featuring iconic characters C-3PO and R2-D2.
  • The biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea crossed the $10-billion milestone in trades.
  • OpenSea is also in PR hot water after refusing NFT thieves to sell their stolen assets on the platform. While many Twitterazis think this goes against the principle of decentralization, others argue that there should be clear laws in place to mitigate fraud and hoaxes.
  • Amidst widespread backlash, Discord founder and CEO Jason Citron reassures users that the platform currently has no plans to integrate Web3. 
  • The week-long NFT exhibition titled “Right Click + Save” kickstarted in Singapore showcasing iconic artworks including Sarah Meyohas’ Bitcoin (2015), Robert Alice’s Portraits of a Mind (2019), Andy Warhol’s Untitled (Flower) (circa 1985; minted 2021) and more by Beeple, Tyler Hobbs and Refik Anadol.

Top NFT sales this week 

1. CryptoPunk #561 – 500 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $2.39M

This Punk was sold for 22 ETH, that is $8,173, a year back. A massive jump in the selling price, thanks to the NFT craze and the evergreen allure of CryptoPunks. It is a collection of small, 8-bit-style avatars, with unique attributes. One of the earliest NFT projects, the fun little pop art portraits of Punky guys and girls are generated algorithmically. There are 10,000 Punks in total. Interestingly, they were all claimed for FREE during the launch. Fast-forward to 2021, an Alien Punk fetched 4,200 ETH

The topper of this week rocks 3D glasses and a top hat.

2. CryptoPunk #9129 – 387 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $1.86M

This male Punk rocks a beanie, eyepatch, and muttonchops.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club #1837 – 333 ETH

Collection: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Selling price: $1.58M

Bored Ape Yacht Club is the sixth largest NFT collection with a 1.5B market cap.  It is a collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs with quirky attributes. BAYC NFTs double as membership cards and grant users access to a variety of privileges that are yet to be unveiled. The crazy BAYC that has made it to this week’s top list flaunts a wool turtleneck with short mohawk

4. CryptoPunk #810 – 311 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $1.48M

A male Punk with blue clown eyes, a front beard, and a hoodie.

5. Bored Ape Yacht Club #2794 – 300.01 ETH

Collection: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Selling price: $1.43M

Can you believe this Robot BAYC was bought for just 0.08 ETH on its first sale? With cyborg eyes and a cowboy shirt, it rewrites all fashion rules. 

6. CryptoPunk #6552 – 288 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $1.37M

This punk adorns its cute Punky look with a cowboy hat and a smile.

7. CryptoPunk #9612 – 250 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $1.19M

On the other hand, this Punk sends a chill down the spine with a frown, goat, and a hoodie. Still, cute.

8. CryptoPunk #5902 – 250 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $1.17M

With a hoodie, shadow beard, and small shades, this Punk is eerily Punky.

9. CryptoPunk #8546 – 211 ETH

Collection: CryptoPunks

Selling price: $996.6k

When you have a top hat and a frown of mystery, you can afford to keep it simple. 

10. Jessica & Joyce Gayo – 207 ETH

Artist: Justin Aversano

Selling price: $981.77k

Twin Flames is a collection of 100 twin portraits photographed in honor of the artist’s fraternal twin, aiming to create a body of work that focuses on the wonderful phenomena of twindom.

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