Multiversum: Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain – A Crypto Relational Database

Multiversum: Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain – A Crypto Relational Database
Multiversum: Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain – A Crypto Relational Database

Multiversum, a new and innovative blockchain technology platform, has created a fourth generation blockchain. Instead of a single blockchain, Multiversum has devised a Crypto Relational Database forming chains of data that flex to meet the needs of complex corporate and industrial environments.

Multiversum addresses the key dysfunctional aspects of the traditional blockchain, namely lack of speed, slow transaction throughput, and the high energy costs associated in particular with the mining of first generation blockchain applications such as Bitcoin.

“Blockchain is transformational in its technology.” says visioner and founder, Andrea Taini. “However, it is also limited in its application for complex corporate environments. We have taken the best of blockchain, addressed the commercial failings and generated a powerful, innovative solution with industry strength attributes.”

Blockchain has gone through three evolutions since its inception in 2008. The first blockchain, designed by Satoshi Nakamoto and resulting in Bitcoin, had its limitation in speed enforced by Proof of Work protocols. Forks are also an issue – think Bitcoin Cash – and steep energy requirements are growing daily.

The second generation form created by Vitalik Buterin was the Ethereum blockchain, which featured Smart Contracts and easy tokenization of assets. Ethereum, while popular in the developer community for its ease of use, faces similar issues of speed, small block sizes, and bottlenecks. One only has to mention CryptoKitties to highlight the lack of commercial readiness.

Third generation blockchains are working hard to solve the issues of speed, scalability, and energy consumption through Proof of Stake validation algorithms, off-chain routing, graph chains, and complete or partial centralization.

Fourth generation blockchain

Now, with Multiversum, the fourth generation blockchain has arrived with vastly superior technology and corporate application.

Multiversum can offer faster and more scalable solutions. It competes by generating more flexible solutions to meet corporate needs in which complex data structures need to be organized in tables, as in relational databases.

At the same time, those structures need to be validated and made immutable with blockchain-based techniques such as increasing traceability and security.

The Multiversum platform applies blockchain functionality, without the legacy technical issues, to primary management of databases, application decentralization, auditing, security and reliability.

Proof of identity

Multiversum can deliver complex data organization using Proof of Identity validation (cryptographic proof of server code) in place of more time consuming and energy hungry Proof of Work, as well as replacing the slower Proof of Stake validation.

In addition, Multiversum will feature ERC-20/ERC-23 integration, allowing coins and tokens from other solutions to be hosted on its chain. This integration works both ways, and the Multiversum coin, MTV, can be hosted on other chains using notary services as an external confirmation method.

Data management

Multiversum technology pushes traditional blockchain beyond its current limits, by enhancing the data layer through self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to another by symbolic links.

It sets the foundations for a decentralized and distributed system of coherent and self-verifying transactions.

Multiversum delivers Crypto Relational Database (an advanced and organized data storage solution) which can handle not just a single data-type, but a series of data entities grouped in graphs of complex data structures related to one another.

“Relations are now first-class citizens of the blockchain and are assured by cryptographic methods.” says Taini. “Each one of them, when a state change is requested, will have its own sub-chain splitting from the original branch, that will rejoin after the operation, in order to be validated.”

In this way, Multiversum is an evolved blockchain technology, offering unique features to overcome the previously inconveniences, with a set a crypto-validation and distribution techniques fit for every environment: administrative, industrial, financial, and governmental.

Other features

Multiversum is a Crypto Relational Database which can cater for complex and different types of data linked in a multidimensional structure.

Speed is a key feature of Multiversum with transfer times averaging 0.2 seconds between wallets. The platform is built to scale offering up to 64,000 TPS and 64+ core solutions are supported.

A next generation wallet is planned alongside, with key biometric access. This will be fundamental in the recovery of lost or stolen wallets. Multiversum is also looking at the commercial feasibility of freezing wallets, again to forestall possible hacks.

Core to the management team’s ethos and their vision for Multiversum is the insignificant energy costs and next to zero environmental footprint. This has been influenced by one of Multiversum’s top advisors, Michele Orzan, who is also the founder of the not-for-profit Greenwill initiative.

In private instances of Multiversum, rollback will be offered and can be activated on Multiversum-hosted tokens. It features divisible chains allowing parallel work which in turn optimizes resources among nodes. It also offers recovery node allocation which tackles global disaster recovery.

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The Multiversum pre-ICO will run from 1st March until the end of the month, with the main ICO starting on April 4th.  

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