Honoring History And Celebrating Freedom With A 62 Piece NFT Collection “American Heroes”


The digital tokens are now available on the OpenSea Marketplace at 20ETH per a singular NFT. Each art piece is a 3D character model of an American hero.

“American Heroes”  portrays prominent people of American history who fought for freedom and equal rights. Each individual fought injustice and wanted to create a world where everyone had equal access to opportunities. The NFT series consists of presidents, abolitionists, scientists, civil rights activists, artists, and many others. Some of the more prominent names include Dr. Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Tonsler, Ralph Bunche, Helen Keller, Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Nikola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln.

The goal of the collection is to highlight the importance of celebrating those who fought to alleviate human suffering and injustice. The series is an opposition to modern pop culture that praises fictional superheroes that are deemed aspirational, whilst real-life heroes are left in the annals of American history.

The collection was created by the team behind the world’s first entertainment and educational YouTube show about cryptocurrencies “Gagarin Show”. In over a year, the channel has obtained more than 12 million views and released 68 videos. The show’s mission is to popularize the realm of blockchain to a broader audience.


Website: https://america-heroes.com/

OpenSea Marketplace: https://opensea.io/collection/america-heroes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amheroesnft/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amheroesnft

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