Matt Roszak Gifts Empress Kim Kardashian With Very First Bitcoin


Kim K, the diva superstar, has added Bitcoin to her ever-growing stash of wealth, all thank to a generous donation from Matt Roszak, chairman and co-founder of Bloq and founding partner of Tally Capital, a blockchain investing firm.

While attending the First Annual @cityofhope “If Only Texas Hold ’Em Charity Poker Tournament” in Inglewood, California, Matt Roszak spent some time with Ms. Kardashian, where she was hosting a table for the night. Roszak used that time to pull out the physical Bitcoin coin and gift it to Kim Kardashian.

“We Moved Into Bitcoin!”

The simple, yet influential post to Instagram by Kim Kardashian has sparked discussions about the future of Bitcoin. The post was seen by her 114 million followers and caught the attention of cryptocurrency investors. For many hopefuls, it looks like the beginning of a great future for the cryptocurrency leaders. We Moved Onto Bitcoin

People all around the world are reacting differently to the situation, with some Reddit cryptocurrency members saying that they don’t need Kim Kardashian’s help to boost Bitcoin. Other members agree that such a powerful social persona as Kim K could very well help boost Bitcoin into the ranks that many investors have been hoping for.

After hitting an all-time high of 19,400 in mid-December of last year, Bitcoin prices have fallen drastically to just below 8,000 as of today but are expected to rise again, with some speculating a $50,000 Bitcoin within the next year.

“Ye” and Crypto

While Kim K did not hesitate in speaking out on Bitcoin (BTC), her rap superstar husband Kanye “Yeezy” West has managed to maintain his silence on the topic.”Ye,” as many avid fans know him, has remained relatively quiet since the controversial TMZ interview which occurred earlier this year. In that interview, he was quoted saying,

When I saw Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, that’s when I wanted to use bitcoin.

Immediately after the interview, Kanye received some backlash as people everywhere were quick to share their opinion on the superstar’s statements. Director Spike Lee even tweeted at Kanye, telling him to “WAKE UP”.

Apart from the shocking TMZ interview, Kanye has also been slammed in recent years for a lawsuit in 2014, where he sued the creators of a cryptocurrency named “Coinye West”. Kanye won the lawsuit, and Coinye altcoin was no more.

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