Research Institute Reveals China’s Top Blockchain


China’s Research Institute, the CCID (China Electronic Information Industry Development), revealed new blockchain ratings for the month of August and EOS holds the top spot, followed by Ethereum and Komodo.

EOS remains China’s favorite blockchain

EOS has always been one of the most supported blockchains in China and this is evident once again as it makes it once again to the top of their latest public blockchain ranking. This has been the fourth ranking of blockchain since the end of May, researched by the CCID in collaboration with the China Software Testing Center.

EOS has had a few big events in the last four months, including the release of its own MainNet. Despite the fact that this launch did not go as smoothly as many hoped it would, China seems to remain convinced that the project is trustworthy.

EOS dominates China’s blockchain ratings for the third month in a row. The list placed Ethereum at second place, Komodo third, followed by Nebulas, NEO, Stellar, Lisk, GXChain, Steem, and finally, Bitcoin, which takes 10th position on the list.

EOS also won first place in the Technology Index. It would seem that China has high hopes for this project, as it was willing to overlook multiple bug issues, controversies, concerns regarding centralization, and disagreements regarding EOS’ constitution, not to mention the fact that EOS block producers faced accusations of having too much power on its network. Still, there were some positives regarding EOS as well, the most memorable being its EOSIO update, version 1.2.0.

Blockchain contenders

Apart from EOS, Ethereum has kept its position as the second one for a while as well, achieving the highest score for applicability, although it was nearly beaten by NEO.

Bitcoin’s position has improved significantly and, this time, the largest crypto by market cap even managed to enter the top 10 list, despite scoring low for technology development. Previously, BTC held 16th place.

Also, this month’s rankings added two more projects — NULS and Tezos. Tezos, not unlike EOS itself, has been under attack ever since its 2017 ICO. It ended up being ranked 28th, while NULS ranks 21st.

As for the other projects, there have been other changes when compared to July’s list. Nebulas dropped to the 4th spot and was bested by Komodo. NEO and Stellar kept their usual positions, just like Ethereum, while Cardano ended up being 14th.

The changes to the list are somewhat surprising, as not much has happened regarding these projects since the last ranking. Because of this, investors are advised to proceed cautiously, and using these ratings as investment advice might not be the best idea.