Freedom Of Press Foundation Uses Cryptos To Raise Over Half A Million In Donations


The FPF (Freedom of the Press Foundation), dedicated to protecting free speech and publication, is taking a different approach to raising donations. The organization announced on June 18th that it will now accept cryptocurrencies, which was followed by donations of over half a million from Mainframe.

FPF’s announcement and Mainframe’s donation

The FPF decided to start accepting cryptos and currently accept Zcash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCash, and Litecoin, but the real surprise came after the announcement was made. In an unexpected move, the organization received 1000 ETH coins, which amounts to almost $550,000, from a dApp platform called Mainframe.

FPF started its work back in 2012 and has been focused on protecting journalists’ freedom and integrity around the world. This includes combating the attempts to manipulate, suppress, or even threaten the press. They also promote and protect whistleblowers, which has helped many to come out and share some of the most troubling secrets.

Now, with the donations received in cryptos, the protection of whistleblowers will be ensured and supported with much more efficiency.

The largest donation so far came from a company called Mainframe, which is based on blockchain technology and is creating a special network that would promote dApps and resist censorship. The company shares many goals with FPF, such as their motivation for ensuring the freedom of speech, but also the use of cryptocurrencies.

The company published a press release in which they say that this donation was necessary and that the company is glad to help protect whistleblowers, activists, and journalists in any way. They especially mention Edward Snowden, whose contribution to the cause helped uncover many secrets regarding government agencies.

Two organizations, one goal

With cryptos offering decentralization, the freedom of any large influencer or governing body, it is of a small surprise that free speech enthusiasts see them as a natural ally to their cause. Cryptos guarantee a new type of currency that governments cannot reach or influence.

With the announcement from the FPF, it is obvious that the organization has managed to benefit greatly from the crypto community’s generosity. Their cause is transparent and will influence people around the world.

Mainframe has commented that they and the FPF plan to work on achieving this mutually-shared goal. The plan is to finally be able to make a difference and make a true victory in the war for the freedom of speech.

In the meanwhile, cryptos have their own battles to win, and despite the struggle to stabilize the market (and their prices), they are still being massively adopted around the world. This includes organizations, financial institutions, but also individuals and large companies.