The Latest ICO Trends To Watch For Q3 And Beyond In 2018


Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are a common occurrence these days. They serve as platforms to raise funds for diverse projects and each day more are being launched for the excellent investment opportunities they represent for businesses and entrepreneurs alike.

The market is hosting an increasingly high number of ICOs, and while people used to see them with suspicion, now everybody is awaiting the newest project launch and ICO date to assess the field for new investment chances.

The industry, as a consequence, is trending in a discernible direction. Here are the most evident trends of the ICO market in recent weeks:

  • The United States of America are still the leaders in the ICO industry

The land of opportunities, the US of A, still dominates the ICO landscape with 453 total Initial Coin Offerings and $2,788,246,253 in funds raised. If the criteria to follow is the total of dollars raised, then Singapore comes in the second spot with $1,307,658,200, and Switzerland is third with $1,280,681,010. However by number of ICOs, then the UK (260,) Singapore (253,) and Russia (251) are second, third, and fourth, respectively, behind the Americans.

  • Ethereum still the preferred platform, but Waves rising in popularity

The Ethereum blockchain has quietly but surely become a market standard. It has hosted a total of 2,729 ICOs, an astonishing 80.17% of them. However, the average rating (3.1) and funds raised ($3,688,576) are not at the top of the industry.

The second spot in the preferred platforms for ICOs is for Waves, which has hosted 2.79% of ICOs (a total of 95.) Waves recently surpassed other alternatives such as Stellar (29 ICOs) and NEO (22 ICOs.) The latter, by the way, tops the charts in average raised amount with $4,398,609.

  • The number of ICOs is still rising

We have already established that ICOs have been the hit of the year and they are increasing in number with each passing month. Now, let’s review the numbers that support that claim.

The year began with 79 ICOs in January, then February had 110. March came and went with 125 total ICOs; and April ended with 119. The month of May finalized with 135 total ICOs, the highest number in 2018.

  • Banking ICOs still top the average funds raised list

It is clear that decentralized apps platforms (1393) and cryptocurrencies (992) to the popularity lists in a total of projects, banking initiatives raise more funds on average, with approximately $7.6 million. That number trumps the former two by a comfortable margin, as they hover around $4.5-$4.8 million.

  • NEO is the industry’s leader in ROI

Return on Investment (ROI) is a critical number for investors and entrepreneurs around the world. Initial Coin Offerings are all about ROI opportunities and prospects, as the number provides a very accurate indicator of the earnings that the person or entity that provided the investment can enjoy.

In that regard, NEO appears at the top of the list with a 165,571.87% ROI, a product of its $0.03 ICO price and $53.02 current price. Emphy is second with a 101,301.72% ROI, and Emiratecoin completes the podium at 23,488.12%.

As the market and its performance show that ICOs will keep on rising on number and value, the month of June is full of promise for investors and entrepreneurs.

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