ICO Interviews: Multiversum Bringing The Fourth Generation Of Blockchain


This week we had the pleasure of hosting Andrea Taini, the founder of blockchain technology company Multiversum.io, in an interview over Skype. Hosting this interview was our resident CryptoCoin.News anchor Dave Young. So what exactly is Multiversum and what use does it have?

Next generation of blockchains

Multiversum is a new ICO that uses fourth generational blockchain technology to serve a number of needs. Bitcoin was undoubtedly the pioneer of cryptocurrency and the blockchain movement and it represented the first generation of blockchain technology with all its various clones and forks, all of this based on the proof of work algorithm for transaction validation. What came next was the second generation of blockchain with Ethereum leading the charge, implementing smart-contract-enabled blockchains and allowing easy tokenization of assets. What will hopefully be achieved in the third generation of blockchain is to solve the speed, scalability and the energy consumption issues that plague blockchain.

The fourth generation of blockchain is something that Multiversum.io want to see go far beyond previous generations. It is important for them to fabricate something that achieves faster and more scalable solutions but at the same time is streamlined enough to be competitive from a business point of view. The existing chains of data are conventional blockchains and are not really flexible enough to be appropriate to fulfill or exceed corporate needs.

The new generation of blockchain introduced by Mulitiversum will be a brand new system that features different types of data, related to a multidimensional structure. A huge advantage for them will be their lighting fast transaction speed which will be less than 0.2 seconds, transferring funds across wallets at a rate that is among the fastest in the world. The scalability of Mulitversum is also quite attractive, with up to 64,000Tps on a 64 core server, this works out to be 1,000 Tps/core. The already tried and tested model of Proof of Stake (PoS) will be replaced by Proof of Integrity (PoI) a cryptographic proof of server code. The environmental tax and energy consumption of blockchain technology is definitely something that is always in the back of our minds but it soon may be a thing of the past as a Multiversum transaction will have almost completely insignificant cost and will have close to zero environmental footprints.

Enough theory, what about Andrea Taini and the Multiversum team behind him? Andrea has an impressive amount of experience in the fields of IT and software development, having worked with large companies including IBM, KBC, and Ericsson. Andrea was first exposed to the world of blockchain in 2010 when a colleague of his offered him 5000 Bitcoin for 1000 Euro, an offer that he declined and by his own admission was the loss of the “biggest possibility” of his life.

I’m sure we can all sympathize with this mistake, with the fear of missing out being so strong these days. The second time Andrea was exposed to blockchain was during the time he worked with Alexandre Borovic of Universe, they were working on an eco-environment project and wanted to create an anagraphic system on blockchain. The work on this project led him to discover the complexity of blockchain and in turn led him to become engrossed in the theory behind it.

Multiversum is going to Pre-ico on starting on the 1st of March 2018 and will be continuing on until the 31st, selling their MTV token. They have a target of $65,0000 and will have 141,000,000 tokens circulating.An airdrop of undistributed tokens will occur twice a week, this will start 2 weeks after the end of the ICO and will last 18 months. There will bonuses in the Pre-ICO that are ranging from 25-35%, scaling based on the contribution amount. The soft cap for the main ICO in question will be $5,000,000 and it will also feature a hard cap of $65,000,000. Something which we hope to highlight in this ICO that really impressed us was the fact that Multiversum.io will be donating 1% of the funds that they raise to charitable organizations. This may not seem like a lot at first glance but if they reach their targets then 1% is no joke and could really do some good.

Recently we saw the Pineapple Fund feature heavily in our news show Altcoins This Week donating huge amounts of Bitcoin to worthy causes around the world. To date, they have donated over $53 Million worth of Bitcoin to various charities because as they have said: “once you have enough money, money doesn’t matter.” The Pineapple fund have sort of led the way for Bitcoin charity and it’s good to see that a few their values are rubbing off on Multiversum.io.

Wrapping things up we would just like to wish Multiversum.io well on their journey to global blockchain domination. It is clear from their product offering that they are in a position to impact the world of cryptocurrency, and if they can execute their project correctly, they are bound to experience a lot of success. Their goal encapsulates the correct amount of ambition and practicality, riding the 4th generation of blockchain is something that if they can achieve, will mean huge things for them and for the blockchain sphere itself. If their offering interests you, head over to Multiversum.io and have a read for yourself.