Invest In A Real ICO To Enjoy The Full Benefits Of Blockchain With Streamity Exchange Platform


Streamity is a world-class blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform based on smart contracts. The Streamity ecosystem was built based on a well-researched, tested and evaluated blockchain system to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction in cryptocurrency exchange and trading services. Literally, we explored the best market players in cryptocurrency and built our platform to surpass their standards.

What we have so far Achieved

Since the beginning of our campaign, we have won the trust of more than 2500 people who generously invested more than $4 million into our platform. We would like to once again appreciate everybody who has already invested in the system for trusting our service we promise all of you that you will be proud of our system and wish you had put in more.

We are still in continuous development of the platform so we can achieve our intention of making Streamity the world’s most reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. This is the reason why we are taking our time to piece together every component of the system and adequately test them one at a time. At the same time, we understand the need for our investors to get the system up and running as soon as possible that’s why we develop a roadmap for our project.

The Streamity platform is the user-centered reason why we have extensively invested in providing a reliable communication channel via our website and Telegram for our users to interact with us directly. In our effort to built the most secure user-centric platform, we accept ideas and proposals for the system improvements directly from the users through our contacts and Telegram channels. Our dedicated engineers have completed work on most of the required platform infrastructure and currently, we are testing the systems put in place.

Why we still need your support

To become the best and most reliable cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, we cannot act on our own, which is why we need your support in making this platform the greatest and most secure ever. Join us today and become part of the revolution that will usher a new age of utility in cryptocurrency exchange enhanced through reliability and robust security.

The world is moving toward a time of high levels of financial freedom powered by cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and platforms such as ours are the most vital bridge between virtual cash and real paper money. Investing in Streamity now will deliver a future unlimited stream of profit flow, given the increasing demand for cryptocurrency-related services.

Why you should Choose Streamity

Given the number of ICO scams which cause millions in financial losses to multitudes of investors worldwide, it’s time to invest in a platform whose founder can be legally verified and reached. At Streamity we know the criticality of identity in what we represent: that is we, the founders and technical team of the platform can easily be reached by the user.

To help foster trust with our users we often organize meetup events where we directly answer questions from our users face-to-face during the meetup. We believe this physical personal engagement with our investors will help build mutual trust which will boost the Streamity platform to become the best crypto exchange.

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