Interview With Taras Pozdniy – Everest Scaling Crypto Enthusiast


We were delighted to be joined by Taras Pozdniy, who shared his thoughts on all things crypto-related, from climbing Everest to promote the ASKfm ICO to his hope that blockchain will someday end bureaucracy.

“I don’t like bureaucracy….. and blockchain can destroy it…!”

The Treasure At The Top of the Earth

Taras, along with two fellow blockchain daredevils, climbed Mount Everest and became the first person to leave a crypto wallet at the summit of the famous mountain.  He even has a certificate to prove it. Tragically, a Sherpa was killed while making the difficult descent from the summit as the weather took a turn for the worse.

Taras suffered from snow blindness and frostbitten fingers, but has thankfully made a full recovery.  A lucky ASKfm user won the second hardware wallet that Taras had carried to the summit and back. With $50,000 worth of tokens abandoned at the peak, future expeditions might want to look around to see if they can find the treasure at the top of the earth.

A Daring Rescue

Understandably, there has been a lot of focus on the Sherpa who disappeared on the descent from Everest, but Taras wanted to finish on a positive note, recounting the story of how his expedition happened across a Chinese climber who had been left behind and had lost some of his equipment.  Taras and his colleagues saved this man, who is now in regular communication with him from his home in Shanghai.

ASKfm Bringing Cryptos To Everyone

Ever the publicist, Taras rounded up our interview by reminding us that AskFM had made his dream come true by sponsoring his ascent of Everest and he implores viewers to explore this exciting new project as it tries to bring cryptocurrency to the masses.