Interview With Hrish Lotlikar, Co-Founder Of Superworld


Hrish Lotlikar is the Co-Founder of Superworld and The Rogue Initiative. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Lotlikar has a great deal of experience having managed companies since 2005. He is a Board Member and Advisor for many businesses and has partnered with  major players in the industry to further develop his business.

Superworld is an Augmented Reality Platform that seeks to enhance the regular world with new information and experiences, using the latest AR technologies. Through the platform, users will be able to build and share their own world, as well as purchase publicity space for advertisement. The Rogue Initiative is a next-generation entertainment studio and technology company, producing globally marketable intellectual properties in collaboration with established Hollywood creative talent for film, television, games and immersive media.

Lotlikar explains how Superworld will be using an augmented reality world, integrated with blockchain technology to create a new world. People will be able to purchase and manage their space to do various things, such as online advertisement. Renting Times Square will be possible, as well as other major locations such as Tokyo or Paris, allowing brands to further expand their signature products.

He also speaks about another project of his, The Rogue Initiative, a major VR film and TV studio, that creates new action and sci-fi content with production partners such as Michael Bay and Linda Obst.

Lotlikar also shares great advice for startups on the blockchain and everywhere else really, commenting on the difficulties of creating a new company, using a new technology and the paths it will take:

“In terms of general advice for startups founders, is really finding a great team.

Find people you enjoy working with, who you can trust, who really kinda have complementary skill sets; so that way when you’re going to build that product or talk to investors, or take your company to the next level, you have people around you who can support you in that mission.”

Finally, he talks about his favorite cryptocurrencies, one of them being MOAC, The Mother Of All Chains, and Ethereum. As for any price predictions, Lotlikar is a strong believer in the role institutional investors will play in the field, commenting on recent announcements from Goldman Sachs and Nasdaq and how those key players could play a strategic part as they step into the crypto world.

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