Swiss Alps Mining: “Energy Friendly Crypto Mining In The Swiss Alps”


Swiss Alps Mining is a blockchain based innovation that aims to repurpose dilapidated historic huts on the ice mountains to create energy-intensive mining facilities. Swiss Alps will use SAE Cubes, a modular system that allows building and implementation of prefabricated dust-protected mining components on-site and the use of Organic Rankine Cycle which helps reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared with similar installations.

Cryptocoin.News recently interviewed Sergey Shneyerson, a member of the Advisory board of Swiss Alps Mining, proven financial and private equity expert and a world-leading specialist in technology transformation and new digital business models.

In today’s interview, Sergey spoke of how the project came about as a result of the need to make crypto mining more mainstream, and to expose more consumers to the cryptomarket. Setting up an infrastructure for mining is challenging and expensive, making an affordable alternative necessary. By setting up an infrastructure in disused huts in the Swiss mountains where temperatures are below 15 degrees Celsius, mining in SAE cubes is possible, without the need for additional air conditioning. The company’s Organic Rankine Cycle(ORC) also makes mining more energy efficient.

Project services and associated costs

The company provides everything that is needed, from infrastructure and an interface that navigates the market, to deciding what currencies to mine for. Enterprises can also rent the companies cubes, and utilize them for their own projects on blockchain. As for the SAM token, it will be used for payment for all the Swiss Alps services.

Focus on renewable energy

Sergey spoke of how Swiss Alps considered both sides of the project, environmental and business. From the business aspect, the container on the mountains will drive down electricity consumption, thereby reducing the cost of mining. Environmentally, the repurposing of abandoned and unused structures (huts) into mining facilities is key. The aim is to use a hydropower plant to further reduce energy consumption. Additionally, the use of ORC will drive power consumption down by 50% because the heat generated by mining rigs is recycled. Sergey also explained that the company plans to reduce energy costs by 3% per kilobyte, if they are able to reach the second phase of the project.

Plans for Swiss Alps Future

“In my mind, it’s very similar to a company setting up their own hardware, software and operating system infrastructure.”
Sergey Shneyerson

Sergey believes that the project will enable more people become involved in the crypto mining industry, while not needing a technical background. All while using renewable energy during the mining process. To read more about their project, make sure to visit them at

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