Improving Word Of Mouth Marketing Through Blockchain: Interview With Riccardo Vieri Of WMPRO


The Word of Mouth Market is worth over $189 billion dollars but currently lacks a verification system. The growth of social networks has proliferated fake and unverified information and quite often the real information a company wants to present gets lost.  WMPRO wants to solve this problem with their decentralized platform Eucleia, which will use modern cryptographic techniques, and blockchain technology, to ensure that data is immutable and reliable.

Riccardo explains that Eucleia will transform the direct sales and referral market. This is an industry without a verification process and blockchain presents the best technology to ensure that information is accurate.

Blockchain can solve the problem of fake information, especially when used with AI and related cryptographic technologies.

WMPRO will have its demo available over the coming days, and hopes to be up and running within three months of the end of their ICO.

WMPRO will use KYC, and the U.S. and China are restricted from taking part in the forthcoming ICO. Ethereum is accepted, as are fiat currencies.

The ICO is already underway and will continue until October 31st.  1 ETH will buy 1500 WMPRO. Hard cap is 20,000 ETH. Invest more than 5 Ether and receive a 5% bonus!

If you wish to know more about their project, you can do so by visiting their website or any of the links below:

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