ICOs This Week: Omnitude, Morpheus, And L-Pesa ICO Review


Our sponsor for this week is Mevu.bet who are launching a decentralized betting platform that allows peer to peer betting on any event the participants wish. With their app, it is possible to bet against your friends, offer challenges to the Mevu community, or look for challenges to bet on. Their Pre-sale has been successfully closed and the main crowdsale for their Initial Coin Offering will run from June 11th, 2018 to July 16th with a hard cap of 104,800,000 MUV tokens.

This week in our weekly ICO review and round-up we have 3 new ICOs that are involved in the sectors of online retail, new blockchain technologies, and mobile banking.

Omnitude: Making Online Retail Transparent

First up we have Omnitude who are in the business of making online retail transparent. They will be offering their ECOM token of which there will be 50 Million for their ICO. They have already completed their Pre-ICO in which they sold their tokens for $0.46 per token. Their crowdsale is opening on the 28th of March and will be running on until May. The hard cap for this project is $23 Million. What Omnitude seek to do is simple, make the space of online retail and online retail marketplaces more transparent, more secure, and more profitable.

Omnitude uses what they call a “radical” concept in blockchain eco-systems. They will utilize the Omnitude technology as an integration layer between already existing systems, enabling the rapid deployment of blockchain technology. This will mitigate the need to replace any pre-existing systems. Essentially what they want to do is enter the online payments and retail sector offering a combined payment handling system with smart contracts, package tracking, fraud prevention and customer reviews. Their aim is to take on larger more established payment processing services like Paypal and Stripe, offering a cheaper and more enhanced service.

Their team and list of advisors look good but one thing to note is that most of the team seem to have joint roles or are solely working for Omnitude on a consulting basis. However, the list of advisors gives them a lot of credibility and security to their potential investors. The tech that they are offering is a sophisticated product and is built on a Linux foundation, using hyper ledger technology and sitting above regular blockchains, anchored at some points to Ethereum and Bitcoin. They may be a good prospect for a short-term flip, based on the fact that they have been progressing as a project without any gimmicks or overhype. Mid to long-term also looks good, the product that they are offering is interesting and could fill a niche in the market.


Morpheus – blockchain test environments

Next up this week we had at look the Morpheus Network who are offering their own blockchain as a service and a product. They seek to eliminate the inefficiencies in global supply chain businesses and provide a less complex service, removing many complications and hassles that exist on some blockchains. They are offering their MIT token which still has a bonus of 35% until the 10th of March. After this, they will be offering a 20% discount bonus until the 23rd of March and after this period that will be the end of the bonuses so if you are interested, get in now to avail of their discounted rates.

Their hard cap is $25 Million and the distribution of their tokens seems to be going smoothly. They have an impressive looking whitepaper that is visually stimulating as well as being full of good, hard data. They have had previous investing partners who have good reputations which can only mean good things for the ICO. They have already built up a bit of a community, in particular, they are being very well received in Asia, specifically in Korea. At present they don’t seem to have spread their wings enough to get the attention of the European and American side of the world. This may or may not be a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Morpheus has in fact implemented a whitelisting procedure and we think it’s unlikely that they will run into any trouble with hitting their targets. Their project is well structured and is laid out very well on their website and whitepaper. Short term flips for this project may not bode so well, potential investors should have a look at the product and assess its long-term viability. If Morpheus can get some good growth and spread their product, garnering more popularity and adoption, then their future looks good.


L-Pesa – Micro Loans with Mobile Banking

Last up in our weekly ICO round-up is L-Pesa, coming out first of all with a very bold statement saying that they want to become the “Bitcoin of Africa”. In reality what they hope to achieve is to become the leading micro-lender in in Africa. L-Pesa is having their presale on March the 10th. Their main sale will be running from April 10th to June 10th with the token being released in August. The soft cap in place is $5 Million and the hard cap is $25 Million.

L-Pesa are led by Ron Ezra Tuval, apart from leading the project he has poured in over half a million dollars of his own funds in order to give it the legs it needs. This project has a long history of learning the ropes in microlending in developing countries and economies across the world. They know how to apply AI, big data, and how to process learning to the model to make the onboarding really easy for them. This hopefully will make the processing of the transactions fast and will apply a default low rate quoted at around 10%.

The business in question is strong, their team has a strong product and has been out in the field doing business and they are ready to make the next step. We do believe in the ability of the business but as an investor, you would have to dig a bit deeper and have a careful, in-depth look. You must be confident that your potential return will be met by the mechanics of the token and how everything interacts. As usual, invest with caution and do your own due diligence.


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