Emerging Coins: Fusion A New Era Of Cryptofinance For The Internet Of Values


Fusion (FSN) is a public blockchain devoted to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform that plans on providing cross-chain, cross-organization, and cross-datasource smart contracts. With a very successful ICO crowdfunding stage, Fusion raised over $40 million dollars through a mechanism called the Voluntary Participants Program, where those who were interested sent in their Ether in exchange for FSN tokens. The process was so successful that Fusion was able to raise 2.5x more of what they originally had intended for. After the ICO crowdfunding stage was over, they started working right away, Fusion issued the tokens immediately and they were exchanging right away.  

Fusion is headed by Dejun Qian, a visionary who created QTUM and VeChain, and who is now developing this project in the field of the Internet of Value. The Internet of Value refers to value transactions, like a foreign currency payment for example, and what Vision is aiming for is to have those value transactions happen instantly, but it could also mean exchanging any asset that is of value to someone, like stocks, votes, securities, intellectual property, and so on. This would enable for any value transaction to be made instantly, and at an incredibly low cost, avoiding pricey fees that are being imposed by today’s economic system.

A big competitor to Fusion would be Wanchain, a platform looking to create a new distributed financial infrastructure, where cross-chain smart contracts can be built on to empower a new digital economy.

Fusion sure looks like a promising project for 2018. They will hit main net launch this upcoming summer. Fusion has people interested, they have good community support, they have great founders and they’re an early interest to a very promising sector.