Crypto This Week: Tron Announced Major Partnership, Dr. Doom’s Predictions On Crypto And More


Dr. Doom’s Cryptocurrency Predictions

The economist that predicted the 2008 financial crisis, Nouriel Roubini also known as  Dr. Doom, calls the cryptocurrency space the parents of all financial bubbles and that Bitcoin is not going to disappear, however, Ethereum and other altcoins will go bust.

In a recent interview with CoinTelegraph, he said:

“I’m not against [it], I’m open to any type of innovation, but I’m an expert on financial crises and asset bubbles. And I became famous [by] predicting the global financial crisis  — the burst of that bubble.”

Roubini is also known for being a stark disprover of Ethereum, calling it a “scam” on multiple instances. He offered statistical data to prove his point, stating that 81% of all Initial Coin Offerings were a “scam” to begin with, as 11% of them have failed or died. Whether this prediction will come to fruition remains to be seen.

Big News For TRON

The potential “partnership” between the decentralized internet project TRON and the largest internet search provider in China, Baidu will not be about blockchain but rather about cloud computing resources. This is according to a report by ODaily.

The report states that Baidu Cloud and TRON have closed a deal to cooperate in terms of “basic cloud business”; to build, operate and debug blockchain products” based on the Baidu Cloud. TRON CEO Justin Sun tweeted last week Friday on partnering with an industry giant that is valued at tens of billions of dollars, asking his tweeter followers to guess the name of the giant.

“Finally, First time to partner with tens of billions USD valuation industry giant. Guess the name.”

TRON is the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, according to CoinMarketCap And since the news of a closed partnership, TRON was up by 3.3% against the backdrop of the current declining crypto market.

Coinbase vs Bakkt

Adam White, a Coinbase veteran has joined Bakkt, a consortium led by Intercontinental Exchange as its chief operating officer. Bakkt plans to offer trading on federally regulated exchanges, as well as clearing, and custody of services for digital assets on par… with the safeguards that now protect transactions for the major money managers. In an interview with Fortune, White explained that his reason for moving to Bakkt is the big shift he witnessed in 2017 and that the interest in cryptos have not dwindled. He said:

“The interest in Bitcoin and other currencies started changing from retail to the institutional side. But the level of infrastructure of the existing trading sites often didn’t meet their expectations. That’s why they’re waiting on the sidelines.”

If Wall Street begins trading cryptocurrencies with the same ease, safety, and scale as stocks, bonds, and traditional commodities, then White believes, it will accelerate the evolution of cryptocurrencies.

And now this week’s airdrops, platin, and Stox

Platin (PTNX)

Platin is a lightweight, secure, verifiable, decentralized and blockchain agnostic Proof of Location (PoL) protocol that finally makes cryptocurrency so real that you can see, feel and touch it. To achieve that, Platin decentralizes the location services marketplace with secure location capabilities and proof verification for any digital asset such as cryptocurrencies and secure documents fueled by Platins own PTN coin. Platin is airdropping 250 PTNX tokens equivalent to $50 to airdrop participants. The ICO Price is 1 ETH equalling 1,000 PTNX.

Steps to join platin airdrop:

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  3. Follow them on TWITTER

Stox (STX)

Stox brings you the most interesting predictions about upcoming ICOs. Participate by making predictions and even win real STX (and other crypto tokens) from prize pools. Stox is airdropping 100 STX tokens equivalent to $9 to airdrop participants and 1 STX token equivalent to 0.09 USD for every referral. You can use the STX to make predictions on the platform and win real tokens.

Steps to join:

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