Airdrops This Week: Revain, Kimex, ITrue, Bidooh And Vertex


This Is Airdrops This Week and today we have: Revain, Kimex, iTrue, Bidooh and Vertex.

Revain (RVN) Airdrop

To kick things off, Revain is a blockchain-based feedback platform that enables users to post reviews of products and companies that they have used. These reviews are then transferred onto the blockchain and become immutable. Users of the Revain platform monetize their time and effort through tokens received for any reviews posted.

Revain is airdropping 50 R tokens to participants. The airdrop will take place between August 6th and August 13th., with a market price of 1 R token = $0.16. The company will distribute the rewards after the end of the airdrop. 

The estimated value of the airdrop is $8 per participant.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Visit their Airdrop page to find all the details.
  2. Visit the Revain platform and leave a review on Poloniex exchange. The review should be original with at least 300 symbols long and contain clear and helpful arguments.
  3. Write a tweet to Poloniex Twitter page that you are an active Poloniex user and you just left a review on them on Revain. Send them a link to your review. In the message tell them that you wish to see Revain listed on Poloniex. Add hashtag #RevainonPoloniex.
  4. Visit the Poloniex website: click on ‘Contact Us’. Scroll down to the bottom of the website, click on ‘Contact Us’. In the ‘Subject’ choose ‘Bussines Development Inquiry’ + Write your name and email. In ‘Organization’ write ”Revain” + In ‘Message’ write your original text.
  5. After you complete all the steps above, please fill the Revain Airdrop form.

Kimex (KMX) Airdrop

Next on our list, we have Kimex, which offers a blockchain-powered binary options platform. In simple terms, the Kimex platform offers a secure environment for crypto traders. Blockchain technology offers secure and fast transactions enabled by smart contracts.

Kimex is airdropping 50 KMX tokens to airdrop participants. The airdrop is live now, and will continue until September 1st.

Kimex also offers a referral program that enables participants to earn an extra 15 KMX (about $1.50) for every person they refer.

These values are based on a token ICO price of 1 KMX=$0.10. The estimated value for every participant is about $5, plus their referrals.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Join their telegram channel and Telegram EN and Telegram VI groups.
  2. Like their Facebook page.
  3. Follow them on Twitter and Medium.
  4. Register on Kimex platform and complete KYC.
  5. Share this link on Facebook or twitter and use hashtags #kmx #kimex #blockchain #binaryoptions.
  6. Submit Kimex airdrop form with your Ethereum wallet address and other details.

iTrue (ITU) Airdrop

iTrue offers a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) user authentication solution through biometrics. Users get authenticated fast and securely and retain control and ownership of their data.

iTrue is airdropping 400 ITU tokens, with a total value of about $4, to airdrop participants. This value is calculated on the basis of the current ICO price of 1 ITU = $0.01

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Go totheir Airdrop page.
  2. Join their Telegram.
  3. Like their Facebook.
  4. Follow them Twitter.
  5. Subscribe to their Reddit.
  6. You will be asked by e-mail to pass KYC at the end of the airdrop campaign.

Bidooh (DOOH) Airdrop

Bidooh offers a personalized, out-of-home advertising solution through digital billboards. The Bidooh platform enables the creation, publishing, and displaying of individually targeted adverts.

Bidooh is airdropping 5,000 DOOH tokens, with a total value of $2.5, to airdrop participants. Airdrop participants are restricted to a maximum of 20,000.

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Register for Bidooh Airdrop platform.
  2. Join their Telegram.
  3. Follow them on Twitter.
  4. Complete the KYC.
  5. Go to ”my profile” and submit your Ethereum address.

Bidooh users can also earn an extra 500 tokens, with a total value of about $0.25, for every referral.

These values are based on a token price of 2,000 DOOH = $1

Vertex (VTEX) Airdrop

Vertex offers an Over-the-counter (OTC) platform where tokens can be traded right away after an ICO is finished, even before the tokens are listed on exchanges.

Vertex is airdropping up to 12 VTEXP tokens, with a value of about $3.72 to airdrop participants. The airdrop will run until September 6, 2018.

The value is based on the ICO price of 1 VTEXP = $0.31

Steps to join the Airdrop:

  1. Complete their Airdrop form.
  2. Create an account on their website and confirm your mail.
  3. Join them on Telegram.
  4. Submit your Ethereum address and details to vertex airdrop form.

It is worth highlighting that inviting new members to join the Vertex Telegram group will earn you an extra 6 VTEXP per new invite. The three most active participants will receive an extra ETH bonus, according to this ranking:

  • 3 ETH for the 1st place in the leaderboard
  • 2 ETH for the 2nd place
  • 1 ETH for the 3rd place

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