Digitex Futures (DGTX) April 26, 2019 Weekly Recap: Price Down 24.47%


Price Action

Over the past week, Digitex Futures saw its price go down by -24.47%. It is below its 20 day moving average by 24.25%, so it’s very far away. Digitex Futures’s bullish momentum, if assessed by its distance from its 20 day moving average, is among the worst compared to other cryptocurrencies, and thus may indicate the coin has swung too far and too fast — and may thus be due for consolidation or a bullish correction. Regarding volatility, Digitex Futures is more volatile than roughly 89% of coins in our index, so bear that in mind if you decide to trade it. Based on volatility over the past three weeks, we can expect Digitex Futures to experience a price range in US dollars between 0.08296549 and $0.1477585.

Volume Update

In the week prior, the daily volume for Digitex Futures has ranged between 1,681,718 and 12,342,623 currency units. Looking back over past 21 days, volume has steadily risen, but price has been declining. The past 7 days saw Digitex Futures’s trading turnover — meaning the percentage of its available supply that was traded — come in at 0.83%. Its turnover rate is more than approximately 24.74% of the cryptocurrencies in our index, so it’s below average, and so there may be some risk that traders/investors have difficulty in getting in and out of positions.

Engagement Update

Digitex Futures saw the number of wallets holding its coin go from 11,714 to 11,501 over the past week — a change of -1.82%. As for overall transactions, they increased from 67,954 to 69,569 — an increase of 2.38%. This translates to a combined engagement growth rate of 0.56% for Digitex Futures — which is higher than 44.12% of the cryptocurrencies we’re reporting on. This growth rate suggests the coin’s weekly growth in engagement is fairly mediocre.

Digitex Futures News and Commentary

The top theme being discussed about Digitex Futures in the past week is listed below. Where available, we included a snippet of the article that we thought might be interesting.

How One-Click Ladder Trading Will Change the Face o

Key Extract:

Not only will Digitex Futures launch with commission-free crypto futures markets, but it will be giving traders exposure to traditional markets as well….Later in the year, the company plans to launch spot trading, mobile trading, and as Todd mentioned last week in an interview with Bad Crypto at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, “maybe even start holding IEOs.”…Commission-free futures trading is most likely to emerge as the key influencer on the crypto markets.

Article by SixJupiter

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