Crypto Giant ConsenSys To Discontinue Truffle And Ganache Toolkits


ConsenSys, a leading Ethereum software company, has recently made an important announcement regarding the sunset of its popular Truffle and Ganache toolkits. This decision comes as ConsenSys redirects its focus towards MetaMask toolkits, particularly Snaps and SDK, in order to better empower developers in the Ethereum ecosystem. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the background of Truffle and Ganache, explore the transition to MetaMask toolkits, discuss the partnership with HardHat, and provide information on access to Truffle and Ganache during the transition. We will also touch upon the public availability of codebases, ConsenSys’ investments in MetaMask Snaps, and the newly launched ConsenSys Fellowship Program.


Truffle and Ganache have been widely used toolkits for developing and testing smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Truffle Suite, which was acquired by ConsenSys in 2020, has played a pivotal role as a development framework since its inception in 2015. Over the years, Truffle and Ganache have provided developers with essential tools and features to simplify and streamline the process of building decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum.

Transition to MetaMask Toolkits

In a strategic move, ConsenSys has decided to shift its focus towards the MetaMask toolkits, particularly Snaps and SDK. These toolkits provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for developers in the Ethereum ecosystem. By transitioning to MetaMask toolkits, ConsenSys aims to empower developers and enable them to create even more innovative and decentralized applications.

Partnership with HardHat

To support developers during the transition, ConsenSys has forged a partnership with HardHat, another well-regarded development environment for Ethereum. This partnership will ensure a smooth and efficient migration process for developers seeking new software solutions on the Ethereum network. The collaboration between ConsenSys and HardHat will offer a robust ecosystem of tools and resources to developers, making it easier for them to adapt to the changes.

Access to Truffle and Ganache

While Truffle and Ganache will be sunsetted, ConsenSys understands the importance of providing developers with ample time to migrate to alternative solutions. As such, Truffle and Ganache will remain accessible for a period of three months after the announcement. This will allow developers to safely migrate their projects and ensure a seamless transition to the new toolkits provided by MetaMask.

Support during the Transition

ConsenSys is committed to providing support to developers during the transition process. Developers will have multiple avenues for seeking assistance, including Zendesk, Truffle GitHub discussions, Ganache GitHub discussions, and ConsenSys Discord. These support channels will facilitate a smooth transition and address any queries or concerns that developers may have during the migration period.

Public Availability of Codebases

In the spirit of transparency and to ensure the accessibility of Truffle and Ganache, ConsenSys will make their codebases publicly available through public archives. By releasing the codebases, ConsenSys enables developers to access the underlying code, study it, and potentially contribute to the open-source community. This move reinforces ConsenSys’ commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Ethereum development community.

Investing in MetaMask Snaps

As ConsenSys shifts its focus to MetaMask toolkits, it has also made significant investments in MetaMask Snaps. MetaMask Snaps are decentralized applications created by third-party developers that enhance the functionality of the MetaMask wallet. By investing in MetaMask Snaps, ConsenSys aims to further enhance the capabilities and user experience of the MetaMask wallet, creating a more powerful and user-friendly tool for the Ethereum ecosystem.

ConsenSys Fellowship Program

In its ongoing efforts to support the growth of the Web3 space, ConsenSys has recently unveiled the ConsenSys Fellowship Program. This program is designed to provide assistance to startups and founders developing projects within the Web3 space. As part of the program, fellows will receive mentorship, access to resources, and funding opportunities to help them navigate the complex landscape of blockchain technology and realize their entrepreneurial visions.

In conclusion, ConsenSys’ announcement regarding the sunset of Truffle and Ganache toolkits marks an important transition towards MetaMask toolkits. By partnering with HardHat, providing support during the transition, and ensuring the public availability of codebases, ConsenSys aims to simplify the migration process for developers. Additionally, the investments in MetaMask Snaps and the launch of the ConsenSys Fellowship Program underline ConsenSys’ commitment to empowering developers and fostering innovation within the Ethereum ecosystem.