Dimitra Tokenomics And Ecosystem


In the last articles, we introduced Dimitra and explained which problems this brand new AgTech platform is trying to solve for agricultural development worldwide. 

As a means for exchanging value, Dimitra introduces two types of tokens, Dimitra Points and DMTR. In this article, we will explain the difference between these two tokens and which role each token plays within the Dimitra ecosystem. 

Farm Dimitra Points and grow your Business

As a regular user of the Dimitra platform, you will be eligible to earn Dimitra Points. You will automatically earn these points every time you record data about your agricultural activities on the platform. This data is kept, along with your points, in an anonymized form on a private consortium blockchain. Transactions on this private blockchain are validated both by Dimitra and independent partners who operate validator nodes around the world.

This means that anyone who accesses this data cannot use it to identify yourself or your farm. However, even if anonymized, your data can be highly valuable for agricultural researchers, or to optimize agricultural supplies. In order to access data held on the consortium blockchain, researchers pay a fee to Dimitra, which is passed on to the farmers who supply this data, in the form of Dimitra Points. 

Dimitra Points are not a “cryptocurrency” though, in the sense that points cannot be transferred to other farmers or third-party buyers. You can think of Dimitra Points as something similar to a rewards program, like frequent flyer miles, or loyalty points from a supermarket. These points are linked to your account and can’t be passed on to others, but once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for valuable goods, services or even DMTR tokens. 

Using Dimitra Points on the platform, you can get access to agri-services that can help you expand your business, earn more Dimitra Points, or even both. {which partners?} You can also use the points to receive professional advice that helps you maximize your yield. This reward-like structure helps Dimitra Points hold a relatively stable value that can be used anytime you are ready to step up with your farming activities and the rewards are designed to transfer into a multiple of the points’ face value through your farming activities. 

Dimitra Tokens

While Dimitra Points are a strictly internal currency meant both as a reward for farmers using the platform and a means of payment for agri-services, Dimitra Tokens, DMTR for short, are a full-fledged publicly traded crypto asset, which is recorded as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. 

In contrast to Dimitra Points, which are exclusively used by farmers, DMTR can be used by the wider public to take part in the Dimitra ecosystem. They are the external currency used by other stakeholders, such as research facilities, governments, agri-services, and agri-finances providers, and software developers to carry out transactions within the ecosystem.

Farmers who hold Dimitra Points may also elect to exchange their points into DMTR, and subsequently exchange DMTR into any other crypto asset or fiat currency of their choosing. While most agri-services can be purchased with both Dimitra Points and DMTR, farmers may however find that they will receive substantial discount buying service with points or DMTR tokens.

Keep in mind that you can exchange points into DMTR any time once your points balance reaches a certain threshold, but not vice versa. Farmers should therefore carefully select the option that gives them the largest benefit. 

DMTR also serves both as a staking asset for validating transactions on the consortium blockchain, as well as a governance token that is used to make decisions that influence the whole Dimitra ecosystem. Staking DMTR can earn the “stakers” a passive income with an APY of up to 13%. Furthermore, DMTR can be used as collateral by farmers in order to receive a micro-loan. 

After several successful pre-sale rounds, we are starting a final public sale on September 15,  at a price of 2.00 USD each. Prior to September 15th, you can still take advantage of presale pricing.

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