Aerum Is Going LIVE!

Aerum Is Going Live!
Aerum Is Going Live!

Aerum is pleased to announce a mainnet launch and celebrates it with a massive airdrop!

Aerum is a rapidly growing decentralized blockchain platform, enabling small and medium size businesses to build peer-based financial solutions for decentralized communities. It allows to tokenize corporate economic flows and reward programs, enable P2P marketplaces, prediction markets, betting and gaming solutions.

The company is being led by Alexander Randarevich, a FinTech veteran with 18-years’ experience leading card payments, e-commerce and cryptography Nasdaq-listed public company as CTO and COO. Alexander has been an early adopter of Bitcoin since 2012 and one of the pioneers working on blockchain startup arena since 2016.

Aerum team had developed a blockchain protocol, that offers free real-time transactions to consumers in under 5 seconds, provides stable performance and high throughput (above 800 transactions per second, measured in a real-life simulation testing) to business participants for building dependable systems, enable real blockchain adoption and provide seamless user experience to customers.

Aerum uses a cross-chain Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol created in-house with an economic model, built to incentivize business application owners to become Validators on the network and get access to free transaction execution to subsidize transaction costs for their customers.

Aerum is launching an Aerum blockchain mainnet Ortus 1.0 with its selected Partners on March 20th 2019. The network is using XRM token, an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply, powering Aerum’s cross-chain consensus, secured by Ethereum PoW hashrate.

The project pipeline consists of many features constantly being added and released regularly. Few of them, to be released by the end of April include Masternode support and XRM Stake Rewards.

First allows any members of the community to run a masternode, a limited version of a validator (PoS miner) node, providing redundancy and watchdog functions to the network, and receiving stake and block rewards as a compensation.

Second incentivizes the early adopters to support network security by staking their tokens and receive staking rewards in XRM token. Aerum will load 30% of total token supply into a stake reward smart contracts with a goal to distribute 0.5% of remaining tokens to stakers every week, proportionally to amounts of tokens they stake. The first week of May will see a distribution of 1,500,000 XRM tokens. It presents a great opportunity to bootstrap the network and rapidly increase token holdings for early adopters.

Complimenting the decentralized open-source permissionless blockchain launch, Aerum is finalizing its commercial arm, a B2B Cloud Blockchain company, focusing on providing commercial integration, maintenance and SLA blockchain service provisioning to business participants to speed up the real business case adoption starting with its already impressive Partners portfolio. Aerum is establishing a corporate entity in Liechtenstein that will serve this purpose.

Aerum token XRM is currently offered to purchase on LATOKEN and Exmarkets launchpads until April 1st 2019, when the full trading will go live and token offering stops.

To celebrate launch of its Mainnet, Aerum is planning a massive airdrop of its XRM tokens. Participants will receive at least 500 XRM tokens worth over $30 with an opportunity to receive additional tokens for participating in Live AMA, Referrals and joining XRM offering on LATOKEN Launchpad. To participate in the airdrop program, it is necessary to register at with the email address and add an Ethereum address were tokens will be delivered. Emails with instructions will be sent to all registered participants, make sure to whitelist domain and check spam folders. Airdrops will take place during last 2 weeks of March 2019.