Need Reliable Crypto Signal Providers? Check Out Top Four Providers Of Q2 2018


What is the Current State of the Crypto Market?

The cryptocurrency market has become a popular place to do business these days. You can find people of all kinds in the market, starting from bottom-feeders to top-level experts and even fraudsters. Considering the specifics of trading, newcomers usually experience difficulties in searching for the best crypto trading signals on Telegram and can easily be scammed. We built Safetrading.Today to help people avoid scams by providing independent audits of crypto signal providers that you can trust. We perform our audits based on providers’ signals once we receive access to them, and show the research results on our site.

In this article, we will discuss the four best Telegram crypto groups that have shown positive results based on our analysis of Q2 2018. They have provided the best crypto signals on Telegram in 2018, and are proven to be trustworthy traders. All of these groups gave us the full information required to conduct an audit. Given this, here are our top four reliable vendors in cryptocurrency trading.

1. OPC Premium

OPC Premium is an international team with solid experience in crypto trading. Along with that, they provide their services at a competitive price. The team constantly monitors the market and sends valuable insight to their followers. Currently, the group consists of around 4000.00 users.

Thanks to proper user segmentation, they are able to provide relevant information to each segment. Users can also get in touch with each other via a closed chat.

OPC may be a small team but their support service is outstanding and they reply to all subscribers almost instantly.

Hence, the main advantages of OPC are as follows:

  • Well-experienced team of crypto traders
  • Owners are attentive to the quality of their service and actively consult their customers
  • A private chat for paid subscribers
  • Top-notch customer support

Full signals result for the previous period, audit and all other details of OPC Premium you can find here.

You can see the OPC Result for Q2 2018 here.

Contact information:

Use the code SAFETRADING during registration to a paid channel and get 5% discount or tell admin on the group, keyword SAFETRADING.

2. InfoCrypto

InfoCrypto has been providing Telegram crypto signals since 2017. By working for a famous Brazilian crypto group, their founder gained enough experience to build his own channel. Along with accurate signals, group members receive up-to-date information about the market and tutorials on what to do in different situations. They charge an average price for the subscription.

Being among the best crypto signals providers, InfoCrypto continually improve their services. As a next step, they are building a system that will unite all their customers in a way through which new services will be also offered.

To sum things up, InfoCrypto provides the following benefits to users:

  • Accurate signals that produce a profit
  • Relevant analysis of cryptocurrency market behavior
  • Accurate assumptions on minimum levels of the coins
  • Support for users in margin transactions in chat
  • Signals include information on several levels of purchasing coins
  • Top-notch support service
  • Official website outside of Telegram

You can find more details in our independent audit of InfoCrypto here.

You will find the report for Q2 2018 of InfoCrypto here.

Contact information:

Use the discount code “SAFETRADING” for 15% on monthly/lifetime plans during website registration or tell admin on the group, keyword SAFETRADING.

3. Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders is a tenured team based in the Netherlands who have legitimized their business and you can find the company registered in the Chamber of Commerce of the Netherlands. The owners of Verified Crypto Traders establish business relations with their customers by signing contracts; this is a great advantage for major investors.

The Verified Crypto Group delivers high-quality services and relevant information to their subscribers, which is worth admiring. Subscribers are updated with current market conditions, and receive predictions for coins and accurate signals. The team shares everything that people involved in crypto trading need to know.

In a nutshell, the main benefits of Verified Crypto Traders are as follows:

  • Legal company that signs contracts with its customers
  • Partnership with major investors
  • Every subscriber can reach the founder directly
  • Relevant updates about the crypto market and predictions for coins
  • Official website outside of Telegram

Have a look at our independent audit of Verified Crypto Traders here.

The result for Q2 2018 of Verified Crypto Traders can be found here.

Contact details:

To get a discount, please contact https://verifiedcrypto and use the coupon code SAFETRADING when you enroll to get these juicy discounts:

4. WhaleTank Premium

WhaleTank is a team from the US that delivers the top crypto signals on Telegram. Despite the fact that market conditions are rapidly changing, they have built a safe environment for everyone to be able to make money with cryptocurrencies. The operation model offered by WhaleTank suits investors best of all, and thus, they have proven to be among the best traders in the market.

The WhaleTank team has years of trading in both the Forex and crypto markets. Such solid experience allows the owners to provide valuable insight about the most important market updates, accurate Bitcoin signals, and other related information.

So, benefits of WhaleTank Premium are as follows:

  • US-based crypto traders
  • Safe environment for customers
  • Relevant updates regarding changes in coin market and portfolio
  • Official website and Facebook page

Review our independent audit of WhaleTank here.

The WhaleTank’s report for Q2 2018 can be found here

Contact information:


We discovered the top crypto channels that show the best results over Q2 2018. All of them aim to deliver accurate coin predictions, along with high-level customer support and actual market updates. You can review our ratings of the premium crypto signals to learn more details about crypto traders that provide the best cryptocurrency signals on Telegram. Follow Safetrading Today and earn with trustworthy experts.

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