AI Crypto: A Crypto Ecosystem To Revolutionize AI And Blockchain

Ai Crypto: A Crypto Ecosystem To Revolutionize Ai And Blockchain
Ai Crypto: A Crypto Ecosystem To Revolutionize Ai And Blockchain

Large AI companies who have held an oligopoly on machine learning research data may find their reign coming to a close thanks to AI Crypto who are seeking to explore new horizons by creating an Artificial Intelligence crypto ecosystem with which everyone with a stake in AI technology can profit.

Working with Artificial Intelligence can lead to enormous applications and advances, and that’s exactly what AI Crypto intends to exploit by adapting blockchain technology to the machine learning field. One significant problem in the sector is how GPU resources are misused. The blockchain technology behind crypto mining consumes way too much electricity, which can lead to fruitless calculations made on GPU.

To avoid this, AI Crypto has developed a brand new technology named “Distributed GPU Network”, a structure in which requests are equally distributed to GPU pools. Resources, as a consequence, won’t be misused when nobody can assign particular GPU calculations.

To add to this, the team is working on a mechanism called PoV (Proof of Value) with which they want to approach transaction validity through the incorporation of machine learning calculations.

But what the project strives to accomplish doesn’t end there. AI Crypto also aims to go toe-to-toe with the oligopoly which has grown up around Artificial Intelligence research.

It’s no secret that in present times only big companies in the industry like Google, Apple, and Facebook are the ones with access to large data sets required for running complex machine learning calculations. AI Crypto will create an AI society where not only a few but the whole industry, including companies and researchers from all across the globe, can get involved, accessing potential innovations in the machine learning sector.

Furthermore, a system of reward will be deployed to pay data providers with tokens, encouraging the sharing of data related to Artificial Intelligence, and bringing growth to the industry by boosting several machine-learning application developments like AI dialog analysis, Autonomous Vehicle, Emotional Deep Learning, Image Analysis, Finance Investment, and much more.

AI and blockchain technologies are some of the most complex and efficient techs in the world. Putting them together can only lead to incredible applications and a change in the technologies we currently use worldwide.

With their project, AI Crypto aims to allow anyone to benefit from AI technology and at the same time profit by the AI Crypto ecosystem.

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