Petrobras Empowerment With Cardano’s Blockchain Education & Tools


In an ambitious move to foster blockchain literacy and integration within Brazil’s energy sector, the Cardano Foundation has forged a groundbreaking collaboration with Petrobras, the country’s state-owned oil giant. The aim? To equip over 40,000 Petrobras employees with a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology through engaging workshops and interactive courses.

The recent announcement, unveiled through a press release on December 20, marks the inception of an educational partnership set to utilize the resources of Cardano Academy, delivering targeted content via Petrobras University. Through these workshops, participants will delve into the potential of blockchain, explore diverse applications, and engage in interactive quizzes to enhance their grasp of this transformative technology.

Beyond mere knowledge acquisition, successful completion of these blockchain education courses promises more than just a certificate. The first 500 Petrobras participants enrolled in the Cardano Academy will be granted a unique non-fungible token (NFT) as a testament to their commitment and progress. Crafted collaboratively with the Petrobras Education Board, this NFT evolves dynamically, reflecting and celebrating participants’ advancements throughout their training journey.

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, highlighted the pivotal role of education in empowerment. The collaboration signifies a milestone in the Foundation’s dedication to fostering blockchain literacy across diverse sectors, empowering both individuals and large enterprises.

This strategic initiative comes hot on the heels of the Cardano Academy’s recent launch on December 14, introducing the Certified Cardano Blockchain Associate (CBCA) course. Designed to expedite participants’ immersion in blockchain technology, the academy offers a gamified learning approach supplemented by comprehensive educational materials.

Beyond education, the Cardano Foundation has also unveiled a suite of tools, including the Identity Wallet and Ledger Sync, aimed at enhancing the development experience within its network. These tools not only cater to developer needs but also seek to drive the seamless integration of Cardano for social and financial purposes.

Both the Identity Wallet and Ledger Sync, being fully open source, invite community engagement, feedback, and contributions. The Foundation’s commitment to supporting enterprise developers is evident in its intentional use of Java, a prevalent language among businesses. Ledger Sync and the Identity Wallet have been purposefully developed in Java to streamline onboarding processes, making adoption more accessible and user-friendly.

The Cardano Foundation remains dedicated to fostering partnerships with businesses and organizations poised to benefit from blockchain solutions offered by the Cardano platform. The Foundation’s tools and services, particularly tailored to Java, seek to pave the way for widespread adoption and utilization among enterprise developers.

This collaboration between Cardano and Petrobras signifies not just an educational milestone but a step towards broader blockchain integration within critical sectors, propelling both technological advancement and empowerment within the workforce.