Transforming Web3 Identities With Metropolis World & Unstoppable Domains


In a groundbreaking move within the metaverse landscape, the convergence of Metropolis World, renowned for its cutting-edge social commerce platform, with Unstoppable Domains marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital identities in the web3 sphere. This dynamic partnership heralds an era of innovative integration between digital collectibles and the web3 ecosystem.

Metropolis World, an inventive social commerce hub, serves as the nexus between the virtual and physical realms. Offering a captivating array of digital collectibles that unlock an assortment of tangible products, exclusive content, and immersive experiences, it has amassed a diverse following of brands and creators. Notable figures like Steve Aoki, Time Out, 3LAU, Fvckrender, ThankYouX, Yung Gravy, among others, are among its 300+ founding citizens and partners.

Founded in 2018, Unstoppable Domains pioneers blockchain-based web3 domains, providing individuals absolute ownership and authority over their digital identities without the encumbrance of renewal fees. Their mission revolves around ushering the world into the web3 era, fostering a more trustworthy and secure online environment. Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains, expresses excitement about this collaboration: “Joining forces with Metropolis World propels a new digital renaissance, where one’s online persona becomes a canvas for boundless creativity. We’re thrilled about the possibilities this partnership holds for users across the web3 spectrum.”

This innovative collaboration introduces pioneering features set to transform user interactions and perceptions within the metaverse. The Unique Fashion Line presents an exclusive collection seamlessly blending style with digital identity. Furthermore, avatars within Metropolis World will boast distinct traits, each unlocking personalized domains on Unstoppable Domains. This integration essentially renders a digital avatar the gateway to an individual’s unique domain in the digital universe.

Beyond the virtual realm, the partnership extends to real-world products such as clothing and figurines, bridging the gap between the digital and tangible worlds. Future plans involve community engagement through quests and gamified experiences, fostering deeper connections within Metropolis World. The overarching goal is to empower the next generation of digital creators by providing them with tools that align with their aspirations. Users will experience a more immersive and personalized online identity tethered to a web3 domain.

Rashid Ajami, CEO and Co-Founder of Metropolis World, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration: “This partnership marks a stride towards widespread adoption, granting users entry into a creative digital space where they wield control. Metropolis World serves as an expansive canvas for limitless creativity, and through this collaboration, we’re enriching that canvas, enabling digital avatars to narrate unique stories and ensuring that every virtual interaction celebrates individual uniqueness.”

Metropolis World’s Genesis City has already witnessed resounding success, with all 500 properties sold out. Looking forward, the partnership pledges further exciting developments, including the integration of web3 domain logins and a seamless fusion of digital and physical identities. The metaverse brims with endless possibilities for this new wave of creators. Through this collaborative effort, Metropolis World and Unstoppable Domains aim to elevate the user experience of online identity and community engagement in the digital realm, setting a new standard for web3 interactions.