OasisDao Announces Public Beta Launch Of Revolutionary Metaverse Platform


15 March 2022 – OasisDao announced the public beta of its very own proprietary VR NFT technology as well as third-person and web products to be launched on 22 March 2022, seeing the company taking a huge step towards the creation of a blockchain-driven metaverse that provides its community with an unparalleled integration of the physical and virtual worlds.

Demo scenes released by the company have provided a snippet into the vast capabilities of the game-changing platform, promising an open virtual world fully equipped with high-fidelity experiences. The first-in-market of its kind DeFi technology will be leveraged to provide its community with unparalleled experiential journeys, with players not only being able to choose their environments but also adorning objects around them with such items as customized furniture and decorations.

Empowered by its decentralized VR MMORPG metaverse and driven by a UE4 Unreal Engine, OasisDAO will allow participants to maneuver and scale a mix of GameFi, NFT, DeFi, and Web 3.0 cutting-edge technologies to scale and personalize the game’s OasisCity, conference rooms, showrooms and more.

OasisDao platform will essentially allow you to not only decorate your own personal space virtually but also allow you to explore our different realms to work, play and live in another dimension. Arrange your space how you want it to be. Add or remove elements from your surroundings. Even add a KTV function if that is what you enjoy. The opportunities are truly limited only by your imagination.

OasisDAO will now rapidly continue development towards the introduction of its staking web function, slated to roll out mid-next month.

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About OasisDAO

The basic premise for the game revolves around players exploring ten large city-states in the OasisDAO metaverse with Mayors of the city-states (selected from the pool of participants) rotated during a stipulated time frame.

Users who run for the position of city mayor are rewarded with 3% of the daily production of all users in the city-state. These same players can then apply to become a Guild Master by themselves and by completing certain tasks, they will enjoy 5%-12% of the daily output of all users under the said guild.

Social media links:

Website:   https://www.oasis-dao.com/

Twitter:     https://twitter.com/Oasis__DAO

Telegram: https://t.me/OasisDAO