Ubisoft Partners With Aleph.im For NFT Initiative


AAA games publisher Ubisoft wants to bring “dynamic NFTs” to their games starting with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. 

Ubisoft Quartz x aleph.im

Earlier this month, Ubisoft launched an NFT platform dubbed Ubisoft Quartz. In order to progress its development, the games publisher has now partnered with the cross-chain cloud storage service aleph.im. 

A Medium article on the aleph.im blog mentions that Ubisoft wants to introduce dynamic NFTs. The article is not very specific about what “dynamic” is supposed to mean, but apparently, this will allow certain properties to be added to NFTs, based on the in-game records of their past owners.

aleph.im’s evolutionary technology has changed the game by enabling the creation of Dynamic NFTs with metadata that evolve as they transfer from player to player. Aleph.im’s technology will allow players to see information on which players have previously owned the items they have retrieved, including player names and achievements.

Microtransactions 2.0?

Ubisoft was widely criticised for their venture into NFTs by the gaming community. Reportedly, their announcement video on YouTube received an overwhelming number of Dislikes

Earlier, YouTube removed the ability to view Dislikes, which was rumored to be a move specifically in order to protect advertisers, but certain Chrome extensions are still able to view them. Since then, Ubisoft seems to have taken down the announcement video, but reuploads are still available. 

Like many AAA games publishers, Ubisoft is often criticised for their egregious use of in-game microtransactions. Many in the gaming community suspect that Digits, as Ubisoft calls their dynamic NFTs, are yet another cash-grab. 

Digits will first appear in the upcoming game Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. According to Ubisoft, they will not change gameplay and have purely cosmetic effects. 

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