NFT Whale ‘CozomoMedici’ Is Snoop Dogg’s Alter Ego

Nft Whale ‘cozomomedici’ Is Snoop Dogg’s Alter Ego

Or, so he claims. Snoop revealed to his 19.2 million followers on Twitter that he is CozomoMedici, the Twitter personality who owns NFTs worth over $17 million in his wallet including nine CryptoPunks and some prized blue-chip collectibles.


This was shortly after ‘Cozomo de’ Medici’ announced that he will dox from his personal account.


CozomoMedici has been in the limelight for the last few weeks. Apart from his esteemed collection with 179 NFTs at the time of writing, his insightful posts on the industry have also garnered him significant attention. Some interesting NFTs in the collection include Snoop Dogg Coin, Snoop Pepe, Trump Dumb, Meebit #2596, Dawn of Man, and Hail Satan.

Snoop Dogg is an avid crypto and NFT evangelist. The rapper took his dive into the industry with his own NFT collectibles titled ‘A Journey with the Dogg’ back in April. The collection was inspired by Snoop Dogg’s memories from his early years with art inspired by the NFT movement. The proceeds from the sales were used to support Snoop’s Youth Football League and emerging artists in the crypto space. 

“The NFT explosion hit fast. There are still a lot of people out there who don’t know about it, or just don’t get it. They will though. It’s a big moment and a big technology that is changing the way artists do business and connect with our fans. I am excited about it, ya dig? I’m happy to participate in the movement. I’m definitely gonna bring more attention to the game. Cut me in, or cut it out,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Whether ​​CozomoMedici is Snoop Dogg or not, he has definitely brought more attention to the game, staying true to his word.