Jurassic Park Becoming Real? Bitcoin Billionaires Back De-Extinction Campaign


Bitcoin whales such as Tim Draper and the Winklevoss twins have invested into Colossal, a research initiative to bring back the Wooly Mammoth.

Lost, but not lost forever

Colossal aims to de-extinct the Wooly Mammoth, or more specifically, a “cold-resistant elephant” by modifying the genome of the endangered Asian elephant. These genetically modified elephants could be placed into the wild in the Arctic and Tundra regions.

Colossal just closed a $15 million funding round. Investors include Bitcoin billionaires such as Tim Draper and the Winklevoss twins, Peter Diamandis  (Bold Capital), Jim Breyer (Breyer Capital), self-help guru Tony Robbins, and Tobias Ratschiller (Atlas Fund and CryptoCoin.News co-founder). 

Wooly Mammoth could be a “Game-Changer”

The project  led by Harvard genetics professor George Church claims that de-extincting the Wooly Mammoth could be a game-changer for environmental health. One of the  project’s objectives will be the resurrection of the Mammoth Steppe, which once was the world’s largest ecosystem.

Their website lists 10 benefits of this de-extinction effort ranging from decelerating permafrost melting over ecosystem engineering to making advancements in genetic science.