Coinbase Expands Crypto Offer In New York


American-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced that New York residents can now purchase and trade two new cryptocurrencies. Through a series of tweets, the crypto exchange informed customers about the possibility of purchasing, holding, selling or receiving both Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Chainlink’s token known as LINK. 

Despite both cryptos being added a few months ago, they were excluded from the services offered in New York due to further regulatory processes that needed to be completed. 


Like other cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Coinbase is attempting to compete in a fierce market where people are looking to expand their crypto investment portfolios. The limited services Coinbase offers are drifting people towards other cryptocurrency exchanges that offer more variety in their services. It appears Coinbase has noted this and is tirelessly working towards the addition of new cryptocurrencies to its current roaster; actively looking to expand its crypto offer.

According to a Medium post published by Coinbase, their ultimate goal is to offer support for all assets that meet their technical standards and which comply with applicable laws. Over time, the crypto exchange expects to offer at least 90% of the aggregate market cap of all digital assets in circulation.

To date, we have largely explored support for assets that are already live and available to trade on other venues. Today, we are announcing our intention to explore assets that have not launched and which Coinbase may choose to support in the future. We will continue to evaluate prospective assets against our Digital Asset Framework to assess factors like security, compliance, and the project’s alignment with our mission of creating an open financial system for the world. To apply for listing, fill out an application here.

As of today, Coinbase is currently exploring the potential addition of the following cryptos: Avalanche, Celo, Chia, Coda, Dfinity, Filecoin, Handshake, Kadena, Mobilecoin, NEAR, Nervos, Oasis, Orchid, Polkadot, Solana, Spacemesh, and Telegram.

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