Boeing To Improve Air Traffic With Blockchain Tracking Tech


Tracking air traffic is of extreme importance to maintain the safety and security of the air trafficking industry. To augment this, Boeing plans the development of tracking systems based on blockchain technology via cooperation with SparkCognition.

New partnership that will change the aircraft industry

A new partnership announcement will see the cooperation between Boeing and SparkCognition, the AI specialist, for the development of new tracking systems for unmanned aircraft through the use of blockchain technology.

Boeing is the biggest aerospace firm on a global level and the largest producer of commercial jetliners. Now, the company plans to turn to blockchain tech to track air traffic with more precision.

To do so, Boeing has partnered with SparkCognition, whose CEO and founder, Amir Husain, stated that this project might lead to the creation of the biggest new market of our time. The two companies, one that is the biggest AI expert in the world, and the other being the largest aircraft producer, will increase aircraft safety and security to levels never seen before.

The products of this partnership are expected to exceed any limits set so far in regards to reliability, innovation, security, and scale. In the end, the two expect to be directly responsible for aircraft travel, and perhaps the creation of next-generation travel methods. As part of this goal, Boeing will open an entirely new department by the name of Boeing NeXt.

Boeing NeXt’s hopes and goals

Boeing NeXt’s goal is to increase research and the development of products in the area of unmanned aircraft. Boeing’s CTO, Greg Hyslop, commented that this is an important point in history. Right now tech advances are converging with popular trends within society, and they need new solutions, as well as new traveling options.

According to his statement, Boeing has more than enough experience to deliver on these requests and to revolutionize the world of transport and travel in a safe and efficient way. He added that Boeing NeXt will be the project that the company will create its legacy on and that it will serve to open up new frontiers when it comes to transport of people and goods.

The new department will be led by Steve Nordlund, who currently acts as Boeing HorizonX’s vice president. Nordlund stated that the company is taking a holistic approach and the goal is to create a combination of strength that the company has shown in regards to tech innovations, with completely new business models, as well as new partnerships. They hope to create a base for the future development of ecosystems in commercial mobility.

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