‘Blockchain’ Rockets To Number 1 In-Demand Skill On LinkedIn

Blockchain skills
  • LinkedIn’s most in-demand skill for 2020 is a clear winner – ‘blockchain’
  • According to the company, combining hard and soft skills is essential for career growth
  • Despite a drop in crypto-related searches, demand for blockchain jobs is higher than ever

Bitcoin’s performance has been pretty tame over the past two years. But that hasn’t stopped the blockchain community from getting down to business.

In fact, bear markets are usually the best time for developers to focus on their work and not on their cryptocurrency portfolios. And big business agrees.

According to LinkedIn’s list of hard and soft skills for 2020, ‘blockchain’ has rocketed to number one despite not even featuring on last year’s list.

LinkedIn skills
Blockchain skills are in high demand for 2020 | Source: LinkedIn

That’s quite an accomplishment in the technological space where skills like Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence are still in high demand.

A Quick Recap on Hard & Soft Skills

In general, soft skills refer more to your personality traits, how you collaborate with others and how you approach your work.

What we’re most interested in here, however, is the business perception of hard skills. As LinkedIn puts it, this is your “ability to do a specific task”. Much of that focus in the blockchain is on programming but there is still an uptick in interest in multiple areas.

A quick search on job boards reveals a wide variety of skills from core developers to product managers and graphic designers. LinkedIn notes that this huge surge is particularly concentrated around western economies:

Blockchain, for example, is the most in-demand skill in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia.

Here’s an in-depth guide on hard and soft skills for job seekers looking to maximize their potential in this space.

Massive Demand for Crypto-Related Jobs

As mentioned earlier, despite the sagging Bitcoin price, employer demand remains sky-high. 2019 Data from job search portal Indeed reveals that despite a drop in cryptocurrency-related searches, employer demand has skyrocketed:

Job seeker growth
There is still a massive demand for crypto-related jobs | Beseen

Admittedly this data was from November of last year. However, not much has changed in three months and the trend for this year is likely to continue.

A number of studies have already shown that blockchain tech will take over the business. CryptoCoin.News, for example, recently covered how it could even save the ailing coffee beans industry.

So if you have the technical chops to enter into the blockchain, 2020 might just be the perfect year for you.

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