Binance To Launch A DeFi Hackathon In India

  • Binance exchange has revealed plans to launch a hackathon and acceleration program in India.
  • The new project will be run on Binance Chain, in collaboration with the local blockchain sector.
  • The program, Build for Bharat, will include local creators and builders to boost India’s blockchain space.

The leading crypto exchange, Binance, has focused a lot of its attention on India lately, ever since the country proved itself to be a very fruitful untapped market. Now, the exchange is making the next step in collaboration with the local blockchain sector to launch a DeFi-oriented hackathon and an accelerator program for India.

What is the Initiative All About?

The initiative itself was started by Binance Chain, Binance’s native blockchain. However, Binance Chain is not doing it on its own. Instead, it will collaborate with Blockchain for India and WazirX in order to also help India’s own blockchain ecosystem grow.

As a result of the collaboration, Binance Chain will launch a double-sided program called Build for Bharat. This program will offer the mentioned acceleration opportunities, as well as a hackathon in the local blockchain ecosystem.

The hackathon itself already attracted numerous large sponsors, many of which are willing to contribute to see the sector grow. Some of the more notable names include Google Cloud, Polaris Accelerator Program, as well as Band Protocol.

What is Build for Bharat?

From what is known right now, Build for Bharat is going to be a complex multi-disciplinary program that will include innovators, creators, builders, and others.

It will mostly include individuals and teams from India, who will come and present their products related to crypto and blockchain technology. This will also be Binance’s first DeFi hackathon and acceleration program, and it will feature numerous projects and individuals. 

Anyone willing to participate can join, although there will be certain requirements in order to be featured. Would-be participants are advised to create at least a minimum viable product to get in.

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