Pornhub Adds ZenCash (ZEN) And TRON (TRX) To List Of Crypto-Payment Options


After adding Verge (XVG) earlier this year in April, one of the largest websites in adult entertainment, Pornhub, announced that it will now add two more cryptos to its list of valid payment options. The new additions include ZenCash (ZEN) and TRON (TRX).

Pornhub adopts two new cryptos

The crypto market has had it rough in the last six months, with the prices of altcoins going up and down. However, for every spike up, the drop followed and, until recently, it seemed like crypto may not recover.

However, a massive increase in big partnerships followed, with a major development coming from the porn industry. Pornhub, one of the biggest adult websites in the world, announced that two new cryptos will be joining Verge on the site’s list of payment options, and those are TRON (TRX) and ZenCash (ZEN).

The announcement came on Pornhub’s Twitter account, where they welcomed ZEN and TRX as their newest cryptocurrency payment options.

Verge was the first crypto to be accepted by Pornhub earlier this year, in mid-April. Back then, the crypto launched a crowdfunding program to raise capital from the coin’s supporters in order to enter a major partnership. The partnership turned out to be with Pornhub, which stated that Verge is the future of the pornographic industry.

With Verge’s focus on anonymity and user privacy, it was of little surprise that it was chosen by an adult entertainment website like Pornhub. Still, others, like Litecoin’s Charlie Lee, have advised Pornhub to go bigger and add Litecoin, Bitcoin, or Monero. The website did not follow this advice, but it did go for additional coins, which led to the inclusion of TRX and ZEN.

Communities’ opinions divided

Pornhub Aria’s announcement of the new partnership was followed by a statement from ZEN that the coin continues to expand when it comes to its usability.

They also posted a video announcing the soon-to-be inclusion of TRON.

Many believe that this partnership will be just what the crypto world needs for the market to get back to its feet again and has drawn positive reaction from the wider community.

Others believe that this might devalue Verge, considering that it was the only crypto used by Pornhub up to this point, arguing that XVG continues to be a target for criticism, while other cryptos get praised for doing the same things.

Some chose to remain skeptical of the whole ordeal, believing that the cryptos had to pay secret bribes in order to be added and accepted. Still, the situation remains the same, and with TRON and ZenCash now being added to Pornhub, the prices of these cryptos, and possibly others, might go up one more time.

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