Over $15,000 Raised For Children’s Hospital By CryptoKitties Charity


A charity called Kitties for A Cause raised over $15,000 in ETH for a children’s hospital in April 2018. The ones behind the charity were a 10-year-old fan of CryptiKitties, Bella, supported by her father, Brian.

CryptoKitties charity

The charity, launched by Bella’s Kitty Den, managed to raise $180 in fiat donations, as well as $15,000 in ETH. Due to the constant shift in the crypto market, the price of 21.6 ETH tokens has dropped from $15,000 to $13,000, but the positive impact remains the same.

Through the marketplace auction, Bella and her father Brian donated around 370 kitties to the BKD marketplace, which were then open to bids and the resulting funds raised were sent to the Children’s Hospital in Seattle. The whole BKD project started so that Bella would learn some business skills and, so far, more than 1,200 kitties have been bred.

The idea of raising money for a charity came from Bella, who said that she would love to give away some of the Kitties since there were so many of them already. Her father was intrigued by this idea and asked who should the kitties go to, to which Bella responded that she wants to donate them to sick children. Soon enough the K4C (Kitties For A Cause) campaign started with support from her father and the CryptoKitties community.

Promotion for the charity came from Axiom Zen, CryptoKitties’ parent company, using the CryptoKitties Medium page. Yasmine Nadery, speaking on behalf of the company, stated that the entire community was in awe of Bella’s initiative. As soon as her father presented the idea to the community, the company did not waste time in offering them a partnership.

The company and its team hope that this might inspire others to start even more similar charities in the future.

Other crypto charities

Crypto organizations have raised funds for charity before and, just earlier this year, gamers managed to raise $30,000 ETH coins for the victims in Syria. The charity was made possible by UNICEF, whose Australian branch is running another charity event at this moment allowing people from all around the world to donate their computer processing power for mining Monero tokens, which would be used for helping those in need.


Another example of a crypto charity includes Ashton Kutcher’s Ripple (XRP) donation of $4 million made to a charity held by Ellen DeGeneres via his smartphone while making a guest appearance on her own show. He did so to help the charity and to present Ripple, explain what it is, how it works, and demonstrate its possibilities.

The ever-changing prices of cryptocurrencies are not making them perfect for charitable giving but what matters the awareness raised that these possibilities exist. Crowd mining initiatives are particularly ingenious since those willing to participate simply give a percentage of their computing power, and even that is only for a limited time.

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