New Opera For Android To Feature A Crypto Wallet


Opera has become a topic for discussion within the crypto community due to the browser’s decision to include a crypto wallet in its new Android edition. The browser containing the wallet is currently still in beta version, but it is known that it will use Ethereum’s platform.

New browser comes with ETH-supporting wallet

Opera’s decision to include a cryptocurrency wallet in its new Android browser is welcomed and the release is now eagerly awaited by the crypto community. So far, the browser is still being tested by a private group but it is possible to sign up for it already. Unfortunately, the signup page is unresponsive at the time of writing but will soon allow users to join the test group.

Thanks to the decision to provide a built-in wallet, Opera users will no longer have to use a third-party plugin or dApp to use cryptos. The wallet will be a part of the browser, and no additional software will be necessary for those who wish to use it.

The browser will be launched with ETH support, a natural choice due to the crypto’s popularity. Even though Ethereum is still second to Bitcoin itself, it is far ahead when compared to any other cryptocurrency. It features an extremely large community, with many capable dApp developers. However, that doesn’t mean that the browser will limit its wallet to ETH use alone.

Charles Hamel, Opera’s product manager, stated that the browser will open up to many more cryptos and networks in the future. He recognizes that the current selection is very limited and that the interest in cryptos continues to grow. Because of that, and the indications that crypto payments are increasingly becoming a part of users’ lives, the wallet will be even easier to use and understand.

A more convenient option

In theory, the dApp browsers can still be used for any mobile browsing. However, it is believed that the experience would not be especially satisfying. Most such browsers are relying on a component called WebView, which is limited to reading text and image viewing when it comes to interacting with web pages.

Opera’s new browser, however, is Chromium-based and browsing is its primary purpose. Its security comes from Android itself, and it will allow users to sign transactions without having to memorize passwords or PINs. The browser will also come with a new feature called dApp Explorer allowing users to check out the new dApps that Opera is curating.

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