Forget Mining, Here’s A Surprising New Way To Earn Cryptos


Earning cryptocurrency through website interaction might soon become a real possibility, at least according to a recent statement by Pornhub’s subsidiary, Tube8. The reports claim that the popular adult entertainment streaming service plans to pay its users for watching porn and interacting with the website.

Earning cryptos by watching porn

Earning cryptos has recently become a favorite activity for many people and new and creative ways to do so are on the up. Now, it would seem that it is going to get combined with another popular activity. In a recently shared note, an adult entertainment streamer Tube8, a subsidiary of Pornhub, announced that it has partnered up with VIT (Vice Industry Token).

The new partnership will see Tube8’s platform becoming entirely tokenized, making it the first adult platform to start rewarding its users with cryptocurrencies. All that they will have to do to earn the coins is to be active on their website. However, before you jump on this opportunity, there are a few things to know first.

Porn & blockchain

The porn industry has quite a reputation when it comes to new technology adoption and is well-known for pioneering innovation. It would seem now that Tube8 plans to continue this tradition.

The platform seems to be very busy with statistics claiming that it has over 150 million visits per month. Robin Turner, the platform’s spokesperson, states that getting paid to watch porn has been a dream for a lot of people. Now, this dream might become a reality, as the platform is becoming fully tokenized.

According to him, the consumers of the platform’s services will continue to have free access to content and will now get paid for watching it. The more they interact with the videos, the more money they will earn. As of yet, there are no official details regarding these earnings and calculations that the platform will be making. However, certain limits will exist, so that the platform’s new charitable mood would not be abused.

There seems to be no need for users to worry about hidden fees, as both companies plan to benefit solely on the expansion of their user base and increase in engagement. This is due to VIT’s protocol that is specially designed to tokenize and reward viewers for watching free content. That way, VIT can be bought, earned, and used by anyone.

Despite the seemingly unique deal, VIT is not the only such solution, as there are multiple other startups with the same idea. However, not all of them are decentralized, which nullifies the advantages of using blockchain tech.

The general lack of detail regarding what these two companies will gain from offering this kind of service has left people skeptical of the arrangement. Even so, VIT has managed to enter numerous partnerships with other names in the adult industry, so there may be something to it. The offering to be paid for pleasure will likely attract a lot of attention from around the world, and it remains to be seen how exactly these two companies will handle it.