Crypto Platform Monaco Pays Millions For A Single Domain


A 25-year old website called has finally been sold. After years of receiving offers for the domain, its creator finally decided that it is time for his website to receive a new owner. The lucky buyer turns out to be none other than Monaco, a crypto project from Hong Kong, known for the creation of its own crypto debit card. under new management

Back in 1993, a University of Pennsylvania’s professor of computer and information science, Matt Blaze, created a website that would change his life some years later. Back then, Blaze made a website called – a domain that has become one of the most wanted things on the web today.

Due to the emerging popularity of cryptocurrencies, Blaze has been receiving various offers to buy the domain for years now. It became such a source of noise for him that he eventually announced that anyone looking to buy the site is wasting their time since it is not for sale.

Why did Monaco do this?

Monaco is a platform committed to the future of cryptos. Their goal has always been to allow users to get the best of the crypto trend and to let them use digital currencies freely in everyday life.

With a domain like, one that can become the true representative of cryptocurrencies, it is important for it to end up in the right hands. Monaco believe that their vision of what the domain should be like is the right one. As far as we can tell, Blaze agrees with them. Why else would he keep the domain so closely guarded for 25 years, only to sell it now?

Clearly, the time has come for cryptos to be represented online properly, and could become the single best place to learn about digital coins. Not to mention that owning such a domain would make Monaco an even larger player on the crypto-board than it already is.

Monaco’s progress 2018

Monaco’s ICO ended back in June 2017 at which time the company collected up to $25 million in cryptocurrencies. However, the increase in crypto prices that followed has done wonders for the firm, and it currently holds up to $200 million on its balance sheet. Still, Marszalek continues to claim that the sale of the domain had little to do about money. Rather than that, it would seem that Blaze was looking for a worthy successor and that he has finally found it in Monaco.

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