Robotina ICO Successfully Reached $10M Soft Cap In A Bearish Market

Robotina Ico Successfully Reached $10m Soft Cap In A Bearish Market
Robotina Ico Successfully Reached $10m Soft Cap In A Bearish Market

Robotina, a Slovenian company with a 28 year history in smart technologies in the energy industry and optimizations of smart electrical grids, successfully reached their ICO soft cap of $10 million and is set to launch its platform for future consumers! Due to the major success in the pre-sale in a bearish market, the Robotina platform will go live as outlined in the road-map.

The next big steps after the soft cap milestone are expected within three months, when Robotina will tokenize the platform. The Robotina platform will enable a whole new business model that will give people the opportunity to cooperate in different business initiatives such as group buying, voluntary donations, etc. To do that, users will utilize ROX, Robotina’s Utility Token that will tokenize the Smart Grid Community and secure a 3% discount in the Robotina platform marketplace.

Devid Palcic, CEO of Robotina, said: “We expect to complete all cycles of development written in our whitepaper by the end of 2020 and open the platform to third-party services and products within the Robotina IoT platform marketplace.”

The first step towards achieving this will be upgrading their HEMS (Home Energy Management System) IoT device and make the platform live for Beta users by the end of September. Robotina will also be working on an Implemented Strategy for self consumption which should be ready in the last quarter of the year. Since Robotina is involved in this project for the long term, they are planning a strategic move for the whole company and partners involved. All their future steps are planned in detail in their road-map including growth in total power demand and growth in price, growth in Artificial Intelligence revenue and growth in IoT revenue.

Their plans for the next five years are to reach ten million active users and build a whole community that will soon be able to start offering dynamic power changes. The Robotina Platform will change energy consumers’ habits and drive new consumers to switch their behavior and energy providers.

Palcic added: “We see ourselves as part of a crypto community trying to develop a scaling solution outside of the Robotina IoT platform marketplace. We are keen to go beyond token transactions and smart contracts and explore the opportunities for AI and IoT within the crypto space. IoT security and trust issues could benefit greatly from blockchain. We look towards the future with great optimism.”

Read more about Robotina’s innovation and planned road-map below:

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