Terrible Store Of Value – Repurposing Dimon’s Words Through Blockchain Art


Art and the blockchain collide as artist cryptograffiti reveals his newest piece: ‘Terrible Store of Value’, featuring Jamie Dimon open for auction now through Saturday.

His distinct artistic style is to utilize soon-to-be-extinct artifacts from the status quo banking sector to create sculptures, street art, murals, and more. ‘Terrible Store of Value’ was created using repurposed credit cards and acrylic on a used bank safety deposit box.

“Over the years, there has been countless negative commentary directed toward Bitcoin by central bankers. Four years ago, Jamie Dimon famously deemed it a ‘terrible store of value’. More recently, he described Bitcoin as a ‘fraud’ despite JP Morgan Chase’s own record-setting settlements with the Depart of Justice for underwriting fraudulent securities leading up to the 2008 financial crisis.

“Terrible Store of Value counters these statements while demonstrating the versatility of cryptocurrency. Dimon is depicted in a disintegrating state, mirroring the public’s trust toward traditional banking institutions. The work itself acts as a store of value via an integrated bitcoin wallet. Value can be added, stored and removed from the piece at will without the oversight of any central authority. Furthermore, the artwork is certifiably authentic via the blockchain – one of many innovations brought about by this technology to combat fraud. The provenance of Terrible Store of Value is permanently and immutably on display. If only Wall Street’s motives were this transparent.”

Just unveiled, the piece is now live for auction through this coming Saturday, February 10th.

cryptograffiti is an artist and early Bitcoin enthusiast. His work is dedicated to spreading the cryptocurrency/blockchain movement.

Global Disruption – repurposed credit cards, money transfer terms and conditions on wood

cryptograffiti was the first artist to utilize a public-facing wallet to receive crypto donations for street art. Upon discovering his work, passersby sent bitcoin in support of the art. His current work is comprised of tangible materials from industries being disrupted by the blockchain. Looking forward, he is excited at how blockchain technology will transform the art world and to play a role in leading this new direction.
 HSBC – by cryptograffiti
cryptograffiti has dedicated his work to spreading the blockchain and cryptocurrency movement, exploring the use of tangible banking materials as an artistic medium; using art to help distill the complex subject of cryptocurrency into something that a wider audience can understand.

Mine Bitcoin – Serigraph and acrylic on used Federal Reserve money bag

His work has been featured in, among others, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the International Business Times, and has been exhibited in numerous places such as Satoshi Roundtable, CoinDesk Consensus, Proof of Art, and Blockchain for Good.
Visit the full collection of both street and fine art here at cryptograffiti’s website. For those of us who prefer our art media tangible and mainstream, you can even bag yourself the T-shirt or a mug!

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