Mixin Network Suspends Withdrawals Following $200 Million Loss In Hack


Mixin Network, a cross-chain transactional network for digital assets, has temporarily suspended deposits and withdrawals after suffering a hack that resulted in the loss of $200 million. The breach occurred when attackers gained unauthorized access to the cloud service provider’s centralized database. Mixin Network is actively working with Google and blockchain security firm SlowMist to investigate the incident further.

During this period of suspension, transfers on the network are not affected, and users can continue to make transactions. However, the team at Mixin Network is diligently working to confirm and fix the vulnerabilities before reopening the services. They have also assured users that they will provide guidance on how to handle any lost assets in an upcoming solution.

Mixin Network Overview

Mixin Network, backed by prominent Chinese influencer Li Xiaolai, is a peer-to-peer network that utilizes a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure. The network is designed to address scalability and privacy challenges commonly observed in blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. As of July, Mixin Network operated on 26 full nodes and held assets valued at $1.1 billion, according to a monthly report.

Despite its innovative technology, Mixin Network has faced criticism regarding its level of decentralization. Some users have pointed out that the network relies on a centralized frontend, which can create vulnerabilities and points of failure. It is important to note that even genuinely decentralized protocols can have centralized weak points.

Comparison to Other Crypto Hacks

The recent $200 million breach on Mixin Network stands among the biggest crypto hacks of this year. It also ranks as one of the all-time largest breaches in the crypto industry. This incident follows other notable hacking incidents in the past year, such as the Ronin Network, Poly Network, and BNB Bridge hacks. These incidents highlight the ongoing need for robust security measures within the crypto space.

Collateral Damage Impact

The hack on Mixin Network has undoubtedly had an impact on users’ assets. With $200 million lost, users may find themselves with significant losses. However, Mixin Network is committed to assisting its users and has plans to offer guidance on how to handle these lost assets. The forthcoming solution from Mixin Network aims to provide users with the necessary tools and resources to manage their assets effectively.

Mixin Network’s Technology

Mixin Network utilizes a peer-to-peer network structure and employs a directed acyclic graph (DAG) data structure. This technology allows for efficient transaction processing and enables scalability and privacy on the network. By utilizing DAG, Mixin Network aims to overcome the limitations faced by traditional blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Scalability and Privacy Challenges

Bitcoin and Ethereum, two of the most popular blockchains, face challenges in terms of scalability and privacy. The limited block sizes and high transaction fees on Bitcoin, as well as the public nature of transactions on Ethereum, make these networks less efficient in handling a large volume of transactions securely and privately. Mixin Network addresses these challenges by utilizing its DAG data structure, which enables faster transaction processing and offers enhanced privacy features.

Engagement with External Firms

Following the hack, Mixin Network has sought assistance from reputable external firms to aid in the investigation. The network has partnered with Google and blockchain security firm SlowMist to analyze the breach and identify the vulnerabilities that led to the unauthorized access. This collaboration demonstrates Mixin Network’s commitment to resolving the issue and preventing similar incidents in the future.

Impact on Transactions

Although deposits and withdrawals are currently suspended on Mixin Network, transfers between users are unaffected. Users can continue to make transactions within the network, ensuring that the flow of assets remains uninterrupted. Once the vulnerabilities are confirmed and fixed, Mixin Network plans to resume full services, providing a secure environment for its users to transact.

Handling Lost Assets

Mixin Network understands the concern and inconvenience caused by the loss of assets. As mentioned earlier, the network has plans to release a forthcoming solution that will guide users on how to handle lost assets effectively. This solution aims to provide step-by-step instructions and necessary tools to assist users in recovering and managing their assets.


Mixin Network’s recent suspension of withdrawals and the loss of $200 million in the hack is a significant event within the crypto industry. Despite this setback, the network remains committed to addressing the vulnerabilities that led to the breach and ensuring the security and privacy of its users. Mixin Network’s collaboration with external firms, its use of innovative technology, and its forthcoming solution for handling lost assets demonstrate the network’s dedication to providing a reliable and secure platform for digital asset transactions.