Airdrop When Description
MobileGo (MGO) January 4, 2019
3 weeks ago
MobileGo - a smart token that can facilitate peer-to-peer matchplay and decentralized tournaments for millions of competitive gamers worldwide.
Vestella (VES) January 1, 2019
3 weeks ago
VESTELLA is a vehicle data market platform using Blockchain technology.
Flame Token (XFL) December 23, 2018
1 week ago
Flame Token is a cryptocurrency generated initially to be used within the Sharesome ecosystem. Flame Token will set the adult industry on fire.
Digitex (DGTX) December 26, 2018
2 weeks ago
The Digitex Futures Exchange is a disruptive, new project that is on a mission to transform Bitcoin futures trading.
January 4, 2019
3 weeks ago
NaiTech is a Prediction Market platform based on Artificial intelligence
EndChain (ENCN) December 20, 2018
7 days ago
EndChain is a patent-pending blockchain utility company bringing blockchain tracking to the masses.
Smart Trade Coin (TRADE) December 14, 2018
13 hours ago
SMART TRADE COIN works with official bank connections