TRON Announces 30M TRX Airdrop


It was announced via TRON’s Medium site that they will execute a 30M TRX Airdrop to the Ethereum Community. The airdrop is a show of gratitude towards Ethereum for their support during TRON’s ERC20 phase. The airdrop is for active users who had a balance of over 1 ETH after January 1, 2018 and any account that transfered or received ETH from January 1st to April 20th, within a specific block.

Let’s remember that TRON is planning on launching the TRON testnet, which means that the project will no longer be hosted on the Ethereum platform network and is therefore leaving the ERC20 platform to develop their mainnet infrastructure. The new platform is scheduled for sometime in May 2018. TRON plans on becoming a fierce competitor for Ethereum, proposing a much larger ecosystem to users to that which ETH has to offer at the moment.