November 26, 2019: VestChain (VEST): Up 6.76%


VestChain Price Update

VestChain’s current price, at the time of this writing, is $0.004089 USD, up by approximately 6.76% from the day prior. The up day for VestChain yesterday was a reversal from the day before it, which puts its price at 32.23% below its 20 day moving average. Over the past two weeks, price has been in a down trend. In terms of an expected trading range, the Bollinger bands on VestChain suggest price may bounce between $0.003224 and $0.008844 based on its momentum and volatility over the past 14 days. Price’s current proximity to the bottom of the range may make buying an attractive opportunity to traders interested in trading the range.

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The currency’s market cap currently stands at $43 million US dollars.

Update on Transactions and Holders

Over the past 24 hours, 5 transfers have been added to the blockchain recording transactions amongst holders of VestChain. Regarding a tally of holders, Yesterday saw VestChain’s wallet count increase by 1. Our engagement rank, which combines weekly percentage growth in number of holders and number of transfers, has VestChain ranked 29 out of the 33 Ethereum tokens we’re tracking.

Observing VestChain’s Richest Wallets

In terms of wealth concentration, the richest 1,000 wallets own 95% of the coin’s total money supply.

How Active are the Software Developers?

The last activity date on VestChain’s GitHub repository was November 09, 2018, or about 382 days ago. To understand how code development is progressing, we observed the growth rates in the number of open issues and the number of users following VestChain on GitHub; we found no growth in both of those metrics over the past 30 days, suggesting code is either being maintained elsewhere or code development as stopped.

VestChain’s Social Media Presence

Reddit appears to be the most popular place to follow the company, and thus may be worth monitoring.

Where to Buy

You can trade Vestchain, listed under the symbol VEST, through the following exchanges: Stex.

Article by SixJupiter

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