March 23, 2020: 0x (ZRX): Up 0.21%


How Did 0x’s Price Fare Yesterday?

0x is up by approximately 0.21% from the previous day, with its price currently hovering around $0.1407 USD. The up day for 0x yesterday was a reversal from the day before it, which puts its price at 26.43% below its 20 day moving average. Over the past two weeks, price has been in a down trend. From another vantage point, note that price has gone up 15 of the past 30 days. As for the volume underlying yesterday’s move, note that the price change occurred on volume that was approximately 79.7% less than its 7 day average volume.

Traders looking for a range to trade within may wish to note that the Bollinger bands (a price indicator based on recent momentum and volatility) for 0x imply the currency may oscillate between $0.129096 and $0.253384, based on how price has behaved in the two weeks prior. As we are closer to the bottom of that range, rangebound traders may wish to consider exploring buying opportunities.

The currency’s market cap currently stands at $90 million US dollars.

Update on Transactions and Holders

NA transactions amongst holders of 0x occurred yesterday. As for the number of holders, yesterday saw the number of wallets holding 0x NA by NA. In terms of recurring usage, we can note that 9,146 wallets have sent or received coins in the past month, while 460 have in the past day.

Just How Rich are 0x’s Richest Holders?

As for wealth distribution, the richest 1,000 wallets currently own 139.55% of the money supply. Ownership exceeding 100% is due to the fact that our supply metric is focused just on available supply, and some large owners of 0x have ownership they cannot sell at this time — but may be able to in the future. If we focus on exchanges, which may be an correlated with liquidity and greater confidence in the currency, the exchange wallets that are in the top 1,000 wallets own 7.76% of the currency’s total money supply. The week over week growth rate in the share of the total supply of the top 1,000 wallets has changed by 0.12%; as for the share of the total supply owned by exchange wallets within the top 1,000 wallets, that has changed by 0.06%. The underlying smart contract itself for 0x owns 0.02% of the total money supply; over the past week, this amount has not changed.

What’s Going on Social Media?

Twitter appears to be the most popular place to follow the company, and thus may be worth monitoring. Use this link to follow 0x on Twitter.

Article by SixJupiter

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