IOS Token (IOST) July 1, 2019 Weekly Summary: Price Down 4.49%


Price Action

Over the past week, IOS token saw its price go down by -4.49%. It is above its 20 day moving average by 0.71%, which is quite close. IOS token’s bullish momentum, based on its distance from its 20 day moving average, is roughly middle-of-the-pack relative to the cryptos we’re tracking. In terms of volatility, IOS token exhibits greater price volatility than approximately 40% of coins in our index, so it’s volatilty is about what you’d expect for a cryptocurrency in our index. Based on volatility over the past three weeks, we can expect IOS token to experience a price range in US dollars between 0.01092364 and $0.01397836.

Where to trade Iostoken (symbol: IOST): Yobit, Binance

Volume Update

Over the past week, IOST saw its daily volume range between 30,152,516 and 597,509,663 units of its own currency. In the three weeks prior, the trend in volume is not clear, though price is marching upwards. Over the past week, IOST saw its trading turnover — which we define as average daily trading volume divided by circulating supply — register at 2.49%. Its trading turnover percentage is higher than about 54.9% of the coins we’re tracking, so it’s middle-of-the-pack; investors/traders may thus wish to consider their liquidity requirements to make sure the coin matches their needs and their expected trading volume.

Technology Development Status

IOST currently has 30 public repos on GitHub, with the oldest one clocking in at 1.25 years young. The last recorded update to its public repositories was within the past day, which is pretty good, as it suggests the coin is still under active and rapid technical development. IOST’s repos that are visible to the public collectively have 638 watchers — specifically, that’s more than 70 % of the top 100 coins we’re looking at. The coin has 49 total outstanding issues across all 30 of its public repositories on GitHub. Relative to the number of watchers it has, though, its open issues count is fairly mediocre. We consider the GitHub open issue/watcher ratio as a potential indicator of the healthiness of a coin’s software development process, and for IOST we see that its issue/watcher ratio looks healthier than 52% of similar coins in our index.

IOST News and Commentary

Over the past week, we found one link about IOST that we thought was particularly interesting. If available, we added an excerpt from the article to help give a taste of what it is about.

IOST: IOST Cash launch to complete surveys, OK Pool as a partner node and Mainnet To


The launch of IOST Legend is the first step taken following the announcement of partnership between IOST and BlockGame, a borderless blockchain gaming platform….IOST Legend is officially launched.

Where to Buy

You can trade Iostoken, listed under the symbol IOST, through the following exchanges: Yobit, Binance.

Article by SixJupiter

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