April 21, 2020: Basic Attention Token (BAT): Down 0.64%; 3rd Straight Down Day

May 11, 2020: Basic Attention Token (bat): Down 3.78%; 3rd Straight Down Day
May 11, 2020: Basic Attention Token (bat): Down 3.78%; 3rd Straight Down Day

Basic Attention Token Price Update

Basic Attention Token’s current price, at the time of this writing, is $0.156 USD, down by approximately 0.64% from the day prior. Basic Attention Token enters the day 2.19% below its 20 day moving average, and is experiencing its the 3rd consecutive day down. To help contextualize yesterday’s price move, we can observe that price has rallied 4 of the past 10 days. As for the volume underlying yesterday’s move, note that the price change occurred on volume that was approximately 82.29% less than its 7 day average volume.

Traders looking for a range to trade within may wish to note that the Bollinger bands (a price indicator based on recent momentum and volatility) for Basic Attention Token imply the currency may oscillate between $0.149133 and $0.169867, based on how price has behaved in the two weeks prior. Given its boundaries, rangebound traders may find it compelling to entertain buying, as we are nearer to the bottom of the range.

May 5, 2020: Basic Attention Token (bat): Up 0.16%

The market capitalization of Basic Attention Token, or the amount of US dollars it would take to buy up all the circulating coins, is currently estimated to be $228 million.

Straight Off the Chain

2,779 transactions amongst holders of Basic Attention Token occurred yesterday. As for the number of holders, yesterday saw the number of wallets holding Basic Attention Token increase by 567. In terms of recurring usage, we can note that 17,968 wallets have sent or received coins in the past month, while 625 have in the past day.

How are the Strong Holders of Basic Attention Token Faring?

As for wealth distribution, the richest 1,000 wallets currently own 90.65% of the money supply. The percent of the currency that is owned by wallets that are both belonging to exchanges and in the top 1,000 richest wallets of the token comes out to 3.57% of the currency’s money supply. The week over week growth rate in the share of the total supply of the top 1,000 wallets has changed by -0.16%; as for the share of the total supply owned by exchange wallets within the top 1,000 wallets, that has changed by -0.42%. The underlying smart contract itself for Basic Attention Token owns 0.02% of the total money supply; over the past week, this amount has not changed.

Basic Attention Token’s Social Media Presence

In the past day, Basic Attention Token’s Twitter followers and Reddit subscribers went up by 66 and 44, respectively. If you are interested in following Basic Attention Token on social media, Twitter, where it has 115,356 following it, may be a good place to start. Use this link to follow Basic Attention Token on Twitter. May 5, 2020: Basic Attention Token (bat): Up 0.16%

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