HYGH – A Major Influencer In The AdTech World


When Bitcoin has introduced to the market a decade ago, it was met with plenty of skepticism. Critics called it a passing phase. Skeptics questioned its usability. Still, no one could have predicted how the interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency has skyrocketed and found its way into nearly every area of modern life.  Once early adopters were talking about the technology; now everyone from high school students to pensioners is crypto fans.  

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on the new platform developed by HYGH, which is currently challenging the world of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising by making it affordable, accessible, and easy to use.

Problems with Traditional and Online Advertising

Just like other traditional industries, advertising is in urgent need of an overhaul. A lot of the approaches used in the industry are either becoming obsolete or haven’t managed to catch up with modern customer needs. The four methods of traditional advertising – print, radio, cinema, and television – still have their place in marketing. Unfortunately, they are also limited in their options:

  • Limited interactivity 
  • Dwindling reach
  • Poor timing
  • Difficulty in customizing campaigns to target specific customers
  • Inflexible pricing options
  • Poor tracking options

Traditional ads aren’t alone in underwhelming the markets they aim to reach. Online advertising, although modern and flexible in application, is also facing increasing challenges as ad-blockers and selective perception filter out content and keep advertisers from reaching their target market. Some of the roadblocks faced by online campaigns are: 

  • Increasing costs
  • Reduced exposure
  • Ad blockers 
  • The  flood of substandard online content 

Luckily, traditional and online advertising aren’t the only options available. Outdoor advertising is a powerful way to reach a huge audience in a specific demographic. Not only does outdoor advertising reach offline consumers, but it also serves as an easy way to get the message across to consumers in a lower-income bracket. Most importantly, outdoor advertising is very visible – consumers can’t block these ads or drown them out with selective perception as they can online.

While traditional outdoor advertising has its merits, it also has its limits. Methods such as paper signage and billboards have the following challenges:

  • Lack of measurability
  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of interactivity

This means that while marketers can more easily reach their demographic with outdoor advertising, limited options mean less conversion. This is where digital out of home advertising comes in.

DOOH Advertising Gaining More Acceptability

With myriad problems affecting the traditional, online, and outdoor advertising sectors, digital out of home (DOOH) advertising is offering an exciting alternative to a traditional market by reaching bigger audiences more effectively.

The DOOH niche is currently controlled by a few influential big players. When HYGH announced its plans to build a new system that helps harness the potential in this sector, the interest within the industry was immediate. It quickly became evident that HYGH had come up with an idea that would empower smaller businesses as well as larger players to run efficient, affordable, trackable campaigns on the DOOH market.

HYGH aims to make advertising less complicated, more effective, and better able to reach a vast audience. The idea is revolutionary: using their unique platform, anyone can book a screen within minutes to display their ads. HYGH partners with local shops, restaurants, and businesses to display HYGH digital screens in their commercial space. In exchange, these businesses receive passive income from the ads displayed and can display their content free of charge. It’s a win-win situation all around, whether you’re an advertiser, a small shop owner, or the shopper who sees an ad about that great new Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood. The advantages are:

  • Great user experience
  • Scalable for all types of businesses
  • Smart analysis
  • Better targeting
  • Better control over campaigns
  • Dynamic booking

But HYGH isn’t just revolutionizing the advertising industry. They’re also revolutionizing how to invest in it. To reach this goal, HYGH is offering a pre-sale of their HYGH Security Token, which reserves a 9% share of its revenue for investors. Along similar lines, the platform offers a revenue sharing plan which allows the screen hosts to earn 83.5% while validators and HYGH get 2.5% and  5% respectively. 

Finally, the advertising industry is shifting to give the market better ads with more relevant results. HYGH has shown a unique awareness of the current challenges facing the industry as well as remarkable energy in addressing them. With advertising, spending projected to increase up to $800 billion by 2022, and the advertising industry also expected to enjoy an annual growth rate of 13% by 2022, this becomes an opportunity for investors to reap a sweet return on investment by investing as little as $500 on the HYGH platform.

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