Tiger Trading Is Now Live


Tiger Trading, a new and powerful crypto trading platform available to retail traders is now live and accepting new users.

“We are excited to have completed our beta and look forward to onboarding users onto our platform.  We’re connected to the major global crypto exchanges and will continue to add liquidity to our platform.  This is a great step in our continuing growth,” said Glenn Rosenberg, CEO of Tiger Trading. “Tiger Trading is confident in our ability to deliver a world-class system that solves many of the pain points experienced by traders.”

Better Trading for Better Traders

Tiger Trading lets users manage and trade all of their accounts from a single platform.  The unique smart order book aggregates orders from every linked exchange account, allowing traders to seamlessly access best bids and offers regardless of the exchange of origin.  This also lets users take advantage of price dislocations and crossed order books between individual exchanges. 

Tiger Trading’s heavily customizable interface gives traders the ability to create views that are impossible to achieve on any other platform.  Modular widgets can be dragged and dropped into any desired location on the platform. A user can create and save multiple workspaces on their account, each specifically designed to serve a particular purpose.  Widgets include Charts, News, individual and aggregated (smart)  Order Books, Orders, Positions, Wallets, Market Quotes and Time and Sales, all updating in real-time. 

About Tiger Trading Network, LLC  www.tigertrading.com

Tiger Trading Network, LLC is a New York-based order execution management system offering next-generation digital trading solutions.  They are a gateway to the global digital marketplace for all trading needs and all trader types. The system features low latency and high throughput using state of the art technology.  

Create a Free Account 

Tiger Trading is open for business.  Sign up can be done via the website: tigertrading.com

Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]

Media Contact:  Glenn Rosenberg, Tiger Trading Network, LLC, [email protected]

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