Salmanazar Capital Unveils New Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies


Formerly providing services to private clients only, crypto asset management firm
Salmanazar Capital has opened its doors to the public with the launch of several new
offerings for cryptocurrency investors and traditional investors seeking liquid exposure
to the cryptocurrency asset class.

While the hype of the last year has raised overall interest in cryptocurrencies as an
opportunity for profit, not everyone who wants to participate in cryptocurrency
investment has the time or expertise to watch the markets all day and trade
effectively. Increasing the availability of managed cryptocurrency investment products
for retail investors contributes to the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies as an
asset class. Salmanazar Capital’s foray into publicly available financial services in the
crypto space include several index funds as well as actively managed investment options
that allow newcomers and retail investors to access Salmanazar Capital’s diverse
portfolio of crypto mainstays and altcoins while minimizing individual exposure and risk.

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